Is my burner dead?



Help is my burner dead i have a hp 7200 and i burned 70 cd’s the other day with this and on my other pc and now the hp seams to have giving up it’s was ok burning on the fly but i can not burn to hd then cd now and just a min ago it would not burn on the fly it just writes lead in up to approx 90% then that’s it just locks me out and blue screen comes up with a error and some times when back in windows erroe say’s “MEMEROY ERROR WITH CD WRITER” i have been useing cdrwin 3.7e and nero is it dead?


i think i am going to cry now!!!


I hope I can help but don’t expect 3 much!!!

I also have a HP 7200 (i), and I also had some really strange errors with it! (Not going to mention them all!)
But what once helped was that it was on the wrongIDE-port!
You must make sure that it’s installed on your second IDE as a master! (With your HD as master on IDE-1 and your reader on IDE-1 as slave!)

I hope this will solve you’re problemo! (I’ll hear it from you!)


I also have a HP7200i, but I use second ide slave for it and master for my DVD reader, no problem so far.

you said that you burns 7o cds in 1 day?
that’s alot of burning ! may be that caused the problem ??