Is my burner dead?

I got a new NEC ND-3450A dvd burner this past August. Last month I installed DVDFab. I used it once. I decided that Id rather buy a different utility. I unistalled DVDFab. Ever since then my drive can’t read or write. It just sits there. Its still recognized by Windows XP but when I insert a cd it just says DVD-RW for the drive name instead of Audio CD. Is there any way I can fix this?

Please post Nero InfoTools log as text attachment.

How do I get that…

InfoTool is attached

InfoTooltxt.TXT (38.8 KB)

I have similar problems.Sorry to intrude on your thread but I thought they may be the same problem.I replaced my Rewriter as I thought it was shot but I have the same problem.However if a CD is in the rewriter beforeI start my PC it often reads it. My new rewriter is a DVD rom.If I put a CD rom in when I open My computer the drive will read as CD rom and vice versa if I insert a DVD but it does not read any data off either.