Is my burner capable....?

is there a list or a program that would tell me if either one of my burners can correctly do EFM encoding?

Note: I have a Toshiba SR-1002 DVD/CR-RW combo
and a Microsolutions backpack cd-rw drive. Nobody will probably of heard of my second drive because it’s an external burner for my laptop.

Any help would be appreciated greatly.


Start here:
the next time you need such info…

Well, but answering your question, no, this Tosh can’t do EFM correctly.
Your Microsolutions isn’t listed. Do you know if it’s a rebranded drive of some type?

Go here to Elby’s site for a list of known supported writers. I’m sorry to say your Toshiba is listed but does not correctly encode efm and there are no Microsolution writers listed. I have an old backpack parallel port 4x burner and I still use it from time to time.

ok then, if neither one my burners are going to work, what drive would you suggest i buy? Note: would mostly be used for backing up copy-protecte cds.

If they dont do what you need them to, get a plextor for protected audio, and a liteon for protected other things

Depending on where you live, the LG (either 16 or 32 or 40 (Not the 24x, it doesn’t cut it.)) might be cheaper than the lite-on and just as good. Also the Asus burners have the same capabilities and I consider them to be better than the Liteys IMO, in some places they’re comparably-priced.