Is my Blu-Ray burner too slow?




I’ve already done a fair amount of research on this, but no much luck so far.

My LG BT10N (Panasonic UJ-240 in an enclosure) is rated to burn at 4X for BD-R DL and 2X for BD-RE according to

Whether I use Nero (verify disc is unchecked) or Windows drag and drop it takes around 5 hours to burn one disc. My calculations support, which says 48mins for 4X!

The disks I bought are TDK BD-R 50GB DL Ver 1.3 1-6X, and TDK BD-RE 50GB DL Ver 1.3 1-2X.

I’ve loaded up ImgBurn, and it reports:
Disc Information:
Status: Empty
State of Last Session: Empty
Erasable: No
Free Sectors: 24,438,784
Free Space: 50,050,629,632 bytes
Free Time: 5430:52:34 (MM:SS:FF)
Next Writable Address: 0
Supported Write Speeds: 1x, 2x

So clearly,I’m not going to get anything fast out of that programme either.

I am burning from external 1.5TB Seagate SATA drive to the burner, both of which are USB 2.0. However, the bottleneck remains with the Blu-Ray spec at 144Mbps.

I ran Nero Info Tool:, but came up with same result

The only thing I can think to do now is buy some different discs, incase this was the issue. And if not, then I’ll know it’s the drive. Or update the firmware

Any suggestions welcome



I should add, I have a Lenovo X200T 1.8Ghz, 4Gb RAM, 160Gb Harddrive with plenty of free space
The harddrive:


ImgBurn is telling you that the firmware in your drive will only support 1 or 2x burns with this particular media. The burning software cannot get around this type of limitation.


Ok. I’ve done a bit of reading around this, and it seems portable slim drives have notoriously bad support.

When I tried to contact LG for help, they kept telling me it was to do with their subdivision LG solutions, which I have to telephone during the week.

It’s odd that it’s listed as a 6X (single layer), 4X (double layer) drive, yet doesn’t come with the firmware to support it.

Can you suggest my next move? Should I contact LG, or is there somewhere on the web. I doubt I’ll get much luck out of LG. I’ve searched for firmware on the web but can’t find it.

Been reading something about Devilsclaw flasher. Don’t know if that could help

Thanks again


Yeah Kerry’s spot on. :iagree:

You’ll need to use media that’s supported at 4x by your drive to improve on that.

Oh and welcome to the forums. :flower:



I doubt you’ll find new firmware if this is a relatively new drive. LG is notoriously slow on releasing new firmwares anyway.

If you want faster burns with blu ray, I’d suggest an internal drive, burning from an internal hard drive source. There are reasons desktops still exist. Transferring from usb device to another is just not something I’d do.


[QUOTE=Wombler;2608631]Yeah Kerry’s spot on. :iagree:

You’ll need to use media that’s supported at 4x by your drive to improve on that.

Oh and welcome to the forums. :flower:


Thanks for the welcome Wombler. I’m not sure what you mean. Clearly the drive isn’t going to support anymore than 2X. So you’re saying I need to use 2X media?


Your drive is limited by the speeds it can support for each individual type of media. There may very well be some DL blu ray disks that are supported at a faster speed than these TDK’s you are using. We cannot identify them for you from long distance however.

But you are complicating matters by using an external hard drive and an external burner.


Well I’m half way there now!

I managed to burn my 6X BD-R DL disc at 2X in only 90mins!! That’s still not where I want to be at, but a vast improvement.

The problem was the software. Nero 8. Clearly it was doing something behind the scenes that I couldn’t change because the settings were so basic. I changed to Nero 11, and was as smooth as silk.

However, to put the icing on the cake, I think I need to upgrade the firmware. I’ve been trying to register with the firmware portal to post a request, but I just cannot seem to register. I can’t find any contact details for the moderators either

Any help appreciated. Thanks



I know how and where to register. it just won’t let me. I’ve tried several different addresses, usernames, passwords and security codes


I’m not a member there either, and it wouldn’t let me join. Security code there is beyond weird.

You’ll just have to send an email to:

Or you can send a personal message here in our forums to chef
He is one of the administrators of that site, and has been a frequent poster here, though I haven’t seen him for a few weeks. Edit: His last activity here was Sept. 10th.


If you want to do serious Blu-ray work, the Laptop is not the ideal computer. Lenovo ThinkPad is a good Laptop, but it just doesn’t have the horsepower of a good Desktop Workstation. You might get the speeds you want, but you will burn up your Hardware fast. :cool:


Thanks to Kerry56 and alchav21.

Ok, I’ll contact Chef via this site, and try that e-mail you found. That’s brilliant.

And to alchav21, I understand what you’re saying. Thing, is I won’t be burning them that often to warrant a desktop station. However, when I do do it, it’s frustrating how slow it was.

If I have to settle for 2X, that’s fine. But I must try


I just called LG solutions tech support and they say it has to be a software issue, not firmware.

I can see their point in that why would you ship a drive with a firmware that won’t achieve the rated speeds. I tried what they recommended: Power2Go by Cyberdrive. Same issue. Max 2 speed for my 4 speed discs.

So assuming the firmware is fine, the software is fine, then either it’s the discs or the drive is faulty.

I’m gonna try some Verbatim 4X this time. I haven’t heard anything back from Chef or the guys at RPC1, so If that doesn’t work the drive’s going back.


My LG BT10N (Panasonic UJ-240 in an enclosure)[/quote]This is confusing - a Panasonic drive disguised as LG or vice versa?

is rated to burn at 4X for BD-R DL and 2X for BD-RE according to

This is true for certain media. Not necessarily the media you have on your desk.



Yeah, ignore that original comment about it being Panansonic. Not sure where I got that.