Is my BenQ DW1640 dying?



Hi All,

Recently I bought 100 Datawrite DVD+Rs from a retailer and I was having issiues burning them. My first blame would be to blame this media as its code is CMC MAG-E01-00 dye which I know isnt very good. In the past however I’ve burnt these dyed discs flawlessly and the media quality has never been a issue. The last discs I was burning were the same range ones but with the MCC 003 dye and they seemed to work flawlessly up until the last one.
The BenQ doesnt seem to have any reading issues though, reading everything i throw at it fine (Except for the bad burns ;)).
Back to my story, In the past I recorded CMC MAG-E01 Infiniti branded media, they were suprisingly good and never gave trouble, I happened to find one of these old infiniti discs which now seem to takes ages to burn at 8x 13+ mins. The BenQ usually does at 8x a full DVD in around 8 minutes. The disc seems to read ok though (Infiniti). The burner has latest firmware aswell with DMA enabled on the drive…
I Might go ahead and send the discs back as the print top surface on the datawrites is very poor and has one noticeable line when printed, however, just to get advice here, if you people here think my drive is dying would THIS be a good substitute, should modern CMC MAG discs be ok at burning, I’m not interested in yudens or what not, just all I want is a burner to record these kind of medias and get good compatability :bigsmile: :bigsmile:




The old Infiniti media may not have ‘aged’ as well as other, better brands do, (like MCC 004 Verbs), and it’s all down to the quality of the dye (or lack of it). I can’t see why you think your burner is about to die, try some decent discs first, or if you wanna go cheap get a different batch of the CMCs (just in case it was a faulty lot).

The LG is a good drive, but it can’t perform quality scanning. If you frequently burn budget media I’d grab a DW1650 while they’re still around (they won’t be for long so hurry!). Self-learning technology like SolidBurn is a must for cheaper media so I’d go for either a BenQ 1650/1655 (or equivalent Philips models which you can crossflash to BenQ firmware if you wish to do so), or one of the new Lite-On drives which feature similar self-learning technology. Don’t worry about x18 speed, in my opinion it’s just a gimmick, I always use x12 maximum as it’s the best compromise between quality and burning time.


Try some other discs to confirm whether it’s the discs, the drive, or something system related. CMC is actually excellent media under ‘mainstream’ brands, but some of the bargain brands sell assorted media codes of a lower grade. You could also try burning with SolidBurn on and see if that helps, or turn it off if you’ve currently been burning with it on (SB often makes matters worse on my 1640 so try both on and off).


Yep I think the media is at fault, I’m very happy with the BenQ and hope its ok, but if it was easier for me to get a new recorder to save the headaches of burning I would have if the BenQ was on the way out, I’ll get these crap Datawrites replaced for the MCC 003 version (The ones that worked no problem for about 200 discs),

Cheerz for the advice peeps :slight_smile: