Is my Benq 1650 faulty?



Hi everybody!

My 1650 is brand new.I burned one DVD and it only reached 6X speed so I decided to flash a newer firmware and I got the BCHC which flashed just as normal.But afterwards it didn’t burn any dvd at all except DVD-RW via in Cd.
When no disk is inserted the burner is called DVD-RW Drive in explorer but as soon as I load a blank DVD it changes name to CD-RW Drive.And messages ‘Not accessible. Incorrect function’ Is there anything to do but sending it back to the shot and hopefully get a nes one?



I’m not sure, but probably this is caused by InCD. My suggestion is to uninstall it.

To exclude a damaged drive, can you try to install it in a different computer?


I have heard that this is a result of the latest firmware… i suggest you flash back to an older version


I already flashed to olser firmware, it didn’t make any difference


Uninstalling InCd made no difference. I made a clean reinstall of XP and it made no difference.I consider that like trying the drive in another computer.


where did you download the firmware from??? Make sure it is official or legit source


Check also cables and PSU.

What IDE drivers do you have installed? nvidia, intel or via IDE drivers are know to cause a lot of problems to many users


Id just say return it to the company you bought it from. Sounds like it is defective, and even if its not when you get the replacement if the same happens you will know its not the burner… Sending it back to benq would take longer…


I got a reply from Benq european support where they suggested I only used supported media, and I got some but that made no difference. It burned any media prior to the flash.
It does burn if used with Imgburn or Nero and InCD but I can’t access the disk from explorer which I need to burn encrypted disks with Cryptainer.
What if I shoukd try the fw for 1655?


Is the IMAPI service started?

If the drive works with Imgburn or Nero, it is NOT faulty. You have a software conflict somewhere. I bet it’s InCD.


It seems Cryptainer is your problem. Take a read here and/or get in contact with apps support.
Virtual drives and doze based programs are evil.

Flashing firmware won’t change anything… :wink:


Here are the steps I’d try:

  1. Uninstall Cryptainer and any virtual/doze crap like Pinto2 said. See if it works then.

  2. If the problem persists, and you have a System Restore point before InCD or Cryptainer were installed, then go back to that point and try again. Note that if do that, any programs that you installed after that restore point will not work anymore, but their folders and files will remain on your hard drive. System Restore is more like a Registry Restore, so you’d better uninstall any such software BEFORE you run System Restore in order to to make sure that their files are gone from your hard disk.

  3. If the problem still persists, reinstall WinXP. Don’t do a repair installation, you must boot from the WinXP CD and make sure that you format your C: partition before proceeding with the installation. As soon as you’re back in Windows see if the problem still exists BEFORE you add any additional software.

  4. If that’s still no good, then install the drive in someone else’s PC (preferably a system with a different mainboard to your own), and see if the problem is still there. If you don’t know anyone with a computer, then RMA the drive anyway, when the replacement arrives make sure you don’t flash it with any newer firmware, just install it and see if it displays the same symptoms.

  5. If the problem is still there with your new drive too, then it could be some kind of conflict between the drive and your motherboard. Not all motherboard chipsets and their software are created equal when it comes to burning, and conflicts have been reported by some users in the past.

It could also be something more mundane, like a poor quality PSU or a faulty IDE cable. Try installing a desent PSU of at least 500 Watts and also replace the IDE lead with a good quality one. I’d recommend Akasa or Belkin (but there are other good brands too), just make sure the cable is of good quality with decent shielding, relatively short, and at least ATA66-capable.


No, it’s not InCd. I think this is a ‘feature’ of Benq 1650 and 1655 if not all of them.A friend of mine has a 1655 which behaves exactly like my 1650.
I bet that anyone of you who has one also will detect the same behavior if you try to access a blank DVD from explorer.Until this purchase I have only had different models of Pioneer.Actually we don’t burn from explorer but from different burner software and therfore it takes something like Cryptainer to notify it.


Thanks everybody for your efforts to help and for all good advices!


I can’t make 1650 burn at descent speeds, here is a scan.Any helpful suggestions welcome


is your harddrive able to keep up with the burner?


Looks like your hardware (and maybe also some software) can’t keep up with the drive. :slight_smile:
You might look for bottlenecks with the transfer/burst test in my signature (if you have some 16x rated media at your hands).

BTW, can’t see any reason why you started a new thread because picture shows you still have the same old problems as in this thread. Next time just bump the thread if you need more assistance. :wink:


I have completed the transfer/burst test and the speed measurement was 31.6X (43686KB/sec) HD speed was between 36 and 49MB/s depending on partition.

Thank you


What is the burst speed of your BenQ 1650 drive?
You can check it with Nero CD/DVD speed and a single layer dvd disc.


The burst speed is 23MB/s