Is my BENQ 1650 (Bulk) broken? (It's New)

It refuses to burn my 8x ritek dvd+r :frowning:
I have the latest firmware

I have ordered 16x Verbatim DVD-R so i will try those when i recive them.

My plextor 708A doesn’t have any problems with those dvd’s

Here is the error log

19:31:02 Processor info: AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor 4000+ (2399MHz)
19:31:02 Memory Available to Windows: 1 048 036 KB
19:31:02 Memory Buffer size: 128 MB
19:31:02 Image file loading: D:\brännas\linuxdvd.iso
19:31:02 DVD Source Info: Session: 1, Track: 1, Length: 4.11 GB / 478:40:48
19:31:03 (E:) BENQ DVD DD DW1650(0:1): Recording Method/Speed
19:31:03 Recording - DVD DAO - 8.0X (11080 KB/Sec)
(E:) BENQ DVD DD DW1650(0:1) - Media format: DVD+R
19:31:51 (E:) BENQ DVD DD DW1650(0:1) - [Write ERROR] LBA: 0, Length: 16
S:KEY - 03/72/01 - “Session Fixation Error Writing Lead-In”
19:31:51 (E:) BENQ DVD DD DW1650(0:1): Recording failed!
19:31:51 Error message: [03/72/01] - Session Fixation Error Writing Lead-In
19:31:51 (E:) BENQ DVD DD DW1650(0:1): Recording failed!
19:31:51 Image file loading aborted!

I don’t know if the Plextor can be confirmed as better that other burners with those Ritek R03 (I suppose they are Ritek R03) but they are highly variable and as a rule to be avoided.

Yepp i checked and it’s ritek R03

Your right, you never know what your gonna get with Ritek (apart from Ritek G05 which will always be crap.)

I’ve been burning printable R03s in my 1655 and getting excellent results. They aren’t worth a crap in my plex 716 but no complaint for the benq. I burned disks from several different places in the stack and they still burned great tho it’s true the next batch may be crap.

The BENQ is broken i tried to format a couple of CD-RW of different brands and it gets interupted :frowning:

I have filed a RMA on the site where i ordered it from

I wouldn’t go by the CDRW’s either, my 1655 had a very hard time with 4 different CD-RW’s that I had. I tried a Memorex 12x 80 minute, a Sony 4x 74 minute, a Sony 10x 74 minute, and finally an SKC 10x 80 minute and they all failed to write or erase. I was however able to use all the above media in my Pioneer 108 with no problems at all.

I’ve read from others that BenQ isn’t very good with certain CD-RW’s so when you get your replacement drive and try again don’t be surprised to see this problem.

Awww man i hope the burner will be able to burn my CD-RW’s after repair or i have pretty much wasted my money on this burner :(.

I have a 8cm CD MP3 player that i use cd-rw’s for, i know that there is MP3 players with built in memory but i haven’t found one with good bass and sound, yes i have tried the ipod.

Ok i burned a 16X verbatim (3.6GB) made in India and i got 95% in quality :slight_smile:

But i’m buying a retail 1655 when i can get hold of one

try flashing another firmware before you RMA. might save a ton of your time…