Is my BENQ 1620 toast?

Hello all,

While attempting to fix a media related issue with my drive I installed the Adaptec 4.7 ASPI driver and my drive now does not seem to work at all. The eject button does not work and the green light does not come on. I have tried uninstalling through device manager, reinstalling the latest firm ware (that actually made the red drive light come on during the installation), and tried changing the location of the drive in setup from slave to secondary master.

I had a previous thread that a helpful senior member was helping me on, but the thread title was a little misleading. see the following thread for more details on what has occured.

Any and all help is much appreciated.

If you need any additional info to help make a decision, please let me know and I will respond quickly.


you can try to flash to diff firmware back and for until it work

Back-up your personal data (My Documents, Mailbox, Favorites, any other program settings you use…) and do a clean install of Windows. It will run so much smoother… :slight_smile:

1620’s are known to die out of the blue, but since your problem seems to have started with the ASPI installation, I wouldn’t give up on it yet. :slight_smile:

I am really thinking about going the clean install route; however, without the writer I don’t think I have enough memory on travellers to save everything on back up. Thanks for all advice so far, and keep it coming.

Do you think flashing back to the old firmware would work? With my drive not working I am not sure how to back up files I want to keep. I have a mp3 player that I may be able to put about 1.5 gigs on to, but I am not sure if that will be enough.

Go to the Terabyte website and download BootIt NG (BING is free for 30 days). BING will allow you to partition your HDD to backup important data and also image the C partition for future restoration. Finally, you can use BING to wipe the C partition and clean install windows.

Maybe you can get a second hard drive and do the clean install on that. If it solves your problem with the 1620, then attach the original disk as a slave and transfer your data. If it doesn’t, then you just continue using the original disk and have a spare for data storage.

I think I may go the Terabyte option. My computer is getting a little dated so I may buy a new one soon. So I don’t think I want to invest in a new hard drive if I will be upgrading soon anyways.

Hi, sorry about the late answer…
Does the eject button work if you push it before windows boots? If not, try unplugging the IDE cable and see if eject works with it disconnected.
While you’re at it, move the jumper (the small thingie the connects 2 of the 6 pins next to the IDE connector) to the master position (the pair closest to the IDE connector).

If you got another optical drive (or the above works) you could try a Linux livecd such as knoppix.

A hard disk is never lost. You can later install it in your new PC for additional storage or in an external USB or FireWire enclosure for mobile storage. You will have to know what you are doing with BootIt NG or you risk losing everything. :slight_smile:

I guess I just didn’t want to front the $$ to buy an additional hard drive right now if their was a inexpensive or free solution.

I know, but it would be so much easier working with two hard disks for what you need to do. But then you could also just buy a new burner intead. There’s always a chance that the BenQ is dead anyway. :slight_smile:

Just to let you know my resolution. I brought my box into work and had some of our tech people take a look, and it appears the only issue was that the IDE cable had crapped out.
Anyway, thanks for everyones help.

:iagree: Always check your cables - Qyngali gave you the right tip. :slight_smile:

Good to hear you got it working again. :slight_smile: