Is my BenQ 1620 Pro OK?



I just got the drive yesterday. The Yellow LED stays on all the time there is a media in the drive.

While writing this, a Blank DVD-R media is in it & the Yellow LED is continuously ON. Same happens when you enter a CD in it.

Am puzzled. :confused:

Is the drive OK? Is it normal. Nothing of this sort happens with my LiteONs. Both a CD Burners BTW. Even my Samsung DVD/CD-RW combo does not do like that.

I have flashed the BenQ to B7V9 or whatever is the latest firmware.


Its fine … the benq LED stays on whenever there is a disk present and blinks during accesses. The LED goes red during a burn.

Some drives blink the light on during accesses, some blink the light off during accesses. It really isn’t a major problem :slight_smile:


thanx man.

I was really worried. That post of yours has made me calm down. :slight_smile: