Is my AOpen CRW9420 good?

Can I burn Safedisc 2 with my AOpen CRW9420?

Is my burner good or bad in average?

AOpen cd-writers are the worst on earth, with the worst AOpen being 2440. Their media compatibility upon release of a drive is usually about as bad as what LiteOn calls an alpha firmware version.


Your burner is an older model and is not SafeDisc2 compatible.

When your burner was Reviewed by SystemLogic in January 2000, they liked it and gave it a 9 out of 10.

Don’t worry about extreme negative opinions, just take it with a grain of salt. With some, its either love or hate, and nothing in between. :bigsmile:

The main thing is whether you like it, and it serves your intended purposes.

lol, damn old burner

wot if i buy dvd burna? can i burn dvd and cdr???

Some DVD burners support burning CD-R and CD-RW as well, but others may support DVD burning only (while reading CD-R and CD-RW but not writing).

Okay okay, give me a tip what brand of dvd burners is tha best and or has most options?

Try a search in the DVD forum like This

and/or go to the General DVD Forum and post your questions there.

@Inertia: With this burner being very old, AOpen had lots of time to do something about the media compatibility, and they usually do.
As I said, AOpen media compatibility is terrible upon release of a new burner. AOpen 2440 could write to Acer 24x and Ricoh media upon release, nothing else. It took months until they improved that.

Some Panasonic DVD-R/RAM writers can’t do cd-r(w), and Pioneers can’t do RAW-SAO/RAW-DAO, so that having an additional cd-rw is a good idea.