Is my 812 going to the rubbish tip?



I need some help. My 812@832 has been burning perfectly from the first day. I’ve update firmware as new ones have been developed without a hitch until 2 weeks ago. My first problem was that it was only reading DVDs at 1X or less and the first few days I had my first thre coaster. So investigated and found that for some reason my hard-drives DMA setting had changed. Problem solved I thought… Well it did save me from having anymore coasters but the kprobe scans of the burned dvds were mountainous. So I changed firmware going back to the original 812 and from there updating from the early 832 firmware to the most current with the same issues. My last resort is the current CG3E firmware. The other things I tried was to reinstall the drives and changed my aspi to 4.60 to no avail. I’ve read and tried just about every tip in this forum but I still get the same burns. I now that the Liteon burners don’t like DVD-R but the the previous good burns were all form the same batch.
I’ve just rewriten War and Peace with my long post but if there is anyone out there that can suggest anything that I can try to fix this problem, I’ll be for ever in your debt.


Read the posting guidelines :slight_smile: You did not tell us which media you are using, so post the media code.


I see from your scan that you are using RITEKG04. What does that disc scan like in the Nero CD-DVD Speed quality test and also what is the transfer rate test result like?

This is one of the reason that it’s good to own a DVD+RW disc. If you don’t know whether you have a media, software or hardware problem you can burn the +RW to test and eliminate what is causing the problem.

Also I wonder why your sample count in that scan is so low. I see it’s not a full disc but that is still a very low count for a burn of that size. What system do you have and how busy was it during that scan?