Is my 760A a defect? PIF and FE/TE Tests show

Is my 760A a defect? PIF and FE/TE Tests show a poor or sub par result.
I burned a Create Disk at 8x on Verbatim 16x MCC 004 with Nero CD/DVD Speed and tested the read of this disk on Plextools XL.
(I burned 8x instead of 18x cause my external enclosure wont transfer faster than 9x. :disagree:)

The first chart shows over 7000 PIFs and the View Log Box listed a whole
mess of Uncorrectables of 5 and over. I never saw this listing before.
Does this always happen if the errors are more than 5 in a block???
Is this really BAD NOrmal or average? :rolleyes: Is it usually OK to burn 16x media at 8x - possibly the cause? :confused:

The second chart tests the FE/TE of a blank Verbatim I am using poissible18x
burning. The result said…“The test result exceeds the limitation value. This media should not be written at the highest speed.”
Does this mean my laser focus may be off on the drive? :eek:

ANy help please - as I need to return this thing soon :sad:

Does anyone know what these uncorreectables mean? The error occurs when max is 5 or a bove. Does this mean the drive isn’t working correctly?

You’ll find basic information of what the values mean in the FAQ:

Getting errors like these does not mean your drive is defective.

Basically what I gather from the FAQ is that you reallly have to burn discs at their cover rating. I have been burning 16x Verbatims at 8x cause my drive is in an external box that maxes the write transfer rate to 9x. If I try to burn 12 or 16x the plex gets confused and slows way down to 1x. See attached Nero Create Data graph below …Not sure why. At least at 8x I get a steady 8x burn. See second graph.

So is the solution is to find 8x media only?

Will a PIF of 7 peak cause probs with Playback of Video or corrupt data?
The FAQ isn’t clear about this.

Or can it be corrected eventually?

thank you :bow:

Hi! - Verbatim MCC 004 should burn perfectly @8X speed in your drive, but it’s always possible to get a poor batch. Do some more tests with other discs. Maybe there’s some incompatibility with PlexTools and the enclosure. Test the drive internally (or if you have a laptop, try it in a different enclosure). :slight_smile:

What causes 760A Jitters (high blue spikes )like this? I am gettingi very jittery about keepinig this drive. :clap:

Since when do Plextor drives with CD-DVD-Speed? I always thought Erik Deppe was asked to remove support?


That restriction refers to “Disc Quality” scanning. These are burn graphs. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what the Jitters graph is telling me?
It doesn 't look too normal. And does a bad jitters like this affect the reading of the final burn? My DVD player and DVD rom drives have no problem reading this movie.
So is this test Bogus or what?

@Cressida: Thank you. Not knowing this, I never even tried to use CD-DVD-Speed together with my Plextors. :slight_smile: