Is my 716 defectively

I have two 716 and have burn yesterday some Benq 8x DVD+R both 716 had problems the blank disc to burn.

But after two minutes" lead in "write they burn both.

After the burn just one 716 read the disc and the orther do not read it.

He has problems to read,he tries it again and again but i stopped it.

One off them(Benq DVD+R 8x) he had sometimes created to read.
But orange LED to do not go on/off,when he couldn´t read,he tries and tries,i mean sometimes he made it,but i mean it could not be could for the drive.

I have with the one which had problems with the DVD(only this Benq) to read after not any other problem he works very fine,he had make the best 16x burns i have seen.

He writes/burn the Benq but he couldn´t read them

Do mean you it gives some difference between the 716 charges???

The BenQ media probably isn’t listed in the drive’s firmware and that’s AutoStrategy is kicking in, causing the longer burn times for the lead-in. This is perfectly normal and the second disc with the same media ID should burn a lot faster and will probably also be burned with better quality. Try burning two or three of the same discs and check if you see an improvement. If you need more information or help then let us know the media code of your BenQ discs. You can retrieve this information with DVD Identifier. Good luck!

And what about that one of the burner could not read after the burning and the other do it???

When we talk about disc quality, usually a poor quality disc means the quality can vary greatly from one disc to the next (although with some brands, they’re all bad!). That would explain why one disc could be read, but the other not.

Also, if the Benq media is now in your Autostrategy database, each new disc you burn should be better than the one prior. Do some FE/TE scans on your blank Benq media, and it should help it improve faster. I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with your drive.

stop,i mean an orther problem not this about the media.

I don´t understand that one of my two Plextor 716 the disc read and the other the same disc not read.

Oh, I understand what you mean now. It’s likely that the disc is marginal. Have you done PIE and PIF scans on the disc on the drive that can read it to see how bad it is? Also, TA analysis may be useful (but not as definitive, since it only checks several small areas).

The drive has properly problems with one orginal DVD,the other had not the problem with the DVD.

OK sometimes he read but sometimes not.