Is my 40125 drive dead?

The other night I needed to reinstall WinXP. So, I put the CD in my burner and rebooted my computer. It booted off the CD fine and went through the whole file copy stage. THen it rebooted and when it needed more files, it couldn’t find them.

I tried several times and then I ejected the CD. Imagine my shock when I seen that the CD had exploded. It was in about a million peices!!

Well, I disconnected that drive and got out my backup copy and continued installing WinXP from a different drive.

I then took the cover off my Lite-On and cleaned all the peices of the broken CD out.

Windows and the Bios now detect it, but the drive door won’t stay closed. I have tried reflashing the bios with the latest 40125 and 48125 bios’ and I have taken it apart again to clean everything out of it again.

The CD was a legit CD for M$ but it had a small crack on the hub from all the use it had.

Is there any hope??

Expolding CDs are known to kill drives.

Is the drive still under warantee, you could get it replaced. AFAIK if it was a legit XP CD Microsoft should be obliged to replace your drive (as their CD did the damage).


Maybe that’s why they don’t make cdrom’s over 52x. You should be thankful none of the shrapnels from the exploding cd came out :bow:
DIdin’t you hear any sounds when the cd blew up??

No noises, no popping sounds, nothing. It was very strange.

The drive should be still under warranty except that I can’t remember who I bought it from. Also, when I cleaned it out, I had to break that paper seal that said “Warranty void if broken”

And getting MS to repay you for something is never easy. I used to work for them and we actually had classes on what to do when someone demands replacement media, forget about having them replace something like a CD-Rom because their CD exploded in it.

Oh well, Thanks everyone for the replies.