Is my 1620 faulty?

im the (hopefully) proud owner of a io magic rebadged benq 1620. heres the problem, i am replacing my litey 411s, i install the 1620, and it wont recognize my media (prodiscf01 inkjet white). i upped the fw to b7t9, no dice. dma is on, everything i can think of i have tried to no avail. it will recognize my prodisc s04’s but when i try to burn one with nero it immediately returns the erroe “illegal disc” in the burn log and fails, never even beginning to start the burn. when i try to use dvdinfopro or dvdidentifier with the f01’s it saya media not present. seems to recognize cdrs fine though. once again im clueless, any help would be greatly appreciated. im like a little kid with a new toy and cant play with it. :frowning:

So the Litey’s still work but he 1620 doesnt hmm… well their are a few things you could try to coax the 1620 to co-operate.

First try booting into windows safe mode and remove all optical drives from the device manager, reboot and let windows redetect the drive or drives.

If that doesnt work try going into windows safe mode again and try flashing the B7T9 firmware from their.

Also try uninstalling Nero and reinstalling afterwards.

mine did this with fujifilm03, burnt a nice ring around each disk, then failed the burn at 1%. Faulty writer is the likely cause.

Various members will suggest, your system is faulty, your registry needs cleaning, nero needs reinstalling, you are a troll, you are not wanted on the forum, etc, etc.

After being flamed mercilessly in this forum for daring to suggest the BenQ could be of inferior quality, I purchased a NEC3500a instead, no problems now.

i think its fair to say every manufacturer (not just optical drive makers), has defects that come off the assembly line. i returned 2 nec 3500’s because they couldn’t burn ty t02’s. i would first check a different media and see if you can recognize that. if it doesn’t recognize any other media, and you have done due diligence (with regards to trouble shooting), then you got a lemon. :sad:

Well said cmisenko I own a NEC3500 & a 1620, my first 1620 I purchased was defective and I was majorly annoyed with BenQ but the replacement drive has been great so much so that I rarely ever use my NEC drives anymore so lets not turn this into an argument anyone can get a dud drive just trying a few things at least helps narrow down the possibilitys of it being the computer or drive that is at fault.

…I have a DW1620 since december, it is a good drive, but today I have inserted a blank Verbatim DVD+R 8x, I heard a “TLAC” and now it won’t read any disk, cd or dvd, pressed or not… I have to RMA my drive…? Please help me… :sad:

I shut down two times the pc, tried already many media (cd and dvd), and with one memorex 4x the drive have done a big spin-vibration and noise… It have scratched the dvd but now the drive works!
What is happened? :confused:
I should RMA this drive?
Now I stress the drive for see if is really ok… But I can’t understand what’s happened… Perhaps it has blocked the optical group?

Only if and when one acts like a troll will they be called such. Maybe your memory isn’t so good, but you totally trolled on this BenQ forum. You even later apologized for your behavior saying it was due to holiday stress, etc. Do you have a rather short memory?

I couldn’t agree more. :iagree:


It sounds like you have expertise to find solutions, checking with this world of expertise. I may state the obvious, but if you flash with media in the drive you can create problems - if that’s possible, re-flash the drive in safe mode without media. Also, see if MS default IDE drivers serve you better - I see that making a difference for others here. Beyond those two things, and possible a drift backward to “P9” firmware, it does sound like you have the rare errant drive. IOMega has been good to me for returning drives in the past, so give them a chance to serve you right.

With a nod to socrates007, I certainly don’t want to join any arguments, and I’m not familiar with the threads and history just mentioned - that is what it is.

I will say I’m in agreement that one can get a lemon from a competent manufacturer. I myself went through 3 CD rewiters from mysterious failures, all seemingly related to laser failure, which I thought was caused by some RW media (as implausible as it sounds - it just seemed that using a certain CD RW media would cause certain drive failure). Phillips and Memorex were kind enough to RMA for me, and I finally got a dependable drive that’s been stable for almost 2 years now.

My own BenQ rebadge is from the holidays 2004, so it’s too new to yet know if mine is stable, but so far it’s been a charmed device. Based on previous experience, though, I’m watching it carefully, keeping within warranty limitations (no crossflashing) and such until the drive is at least 4 months old (or more).

Now, mechanical “clanks” and “ticks” are simply not acceptable, and the first I’ve read about so far here. That deserves quick action.

Strange RW behaviour is a bit difficult to pin down, though - unless you can use another drive to “prove” the media is still fine. Failure to recognize media is serious - if there’s another computer the drive can be tested in, I’d give that a try too. There can be odd combinations of chipsets/drivers/firmware that combine toward failure - you can be among the first on the planet to find that combination.

In any case, you deserve to get what you paid for, and any competent manufacturer will want a chance to correct a problem under warranty. If you ordered a medium steak and they served it rare, you’d have that fixed wouldn’t you? If the service staff acted like it was your fault, you’d probably never go back again. I certainly wouldn’t.

Odd noises? Possible bad flash. Mine did this. It made weird empty-floppy-drive-wanting-a-disc noises.
Reflash the drive to L9 and put it to work (some writing too). See if the odd behavior dissappears.
If it behaves now, go ahead and “update” to the newer firmwares.

ok fellas heres the update: ive gone thru 3 drives (3 diff stores) all iomagic 1620 rebadges, not a single one of them will recognize my prodisc f01 media. thought maybe gotta bum drive-nope thought maybe media was bad-nope (2 diff spindles) i figured well the drives would recognize the media even without being ribboned 2 an ide channel, just powered up. well i was right - only they still wont recognized the f01’s. if this myth can be busted ill be very impressed. i only have 4 days to bust this myth or im headed back to circuit city and leaving the ben qs alone. got all excited about the benq 1620 and then i run into this - computers , gotta lov’em… whos the man with the answer to this one ( maybe i have stumped the board- probably the best collection of dvdr knowledge on the web) - very interesting! thanx in advance guys!
i will post anything you folks might think is pertinent. altho i dont know what might be considering the power only test i mentioned above. :a :confused: :a

Rodneyness - Hi - does your 1620 recognise/burn any other brand/model disks?

Yeah, and more information about your “other” hardware would be nice too. :wink:

Using Nero Info Tool and CPU-Z will provide all information needed. :slight_smile:

Post us the output from Nero Info Tool (floppy symbol) in #

 wrap tag and information about your mobo.

Adding a pic might maybe help...   :p

<img src="/uploads/myce/original/4X/0/2/f/02f7af78b6d95d14d4d11da9533121726478caf9.PNG" width="690" height="460"><br/>

yes it does recognize everything else i have (even some f01’s that are written too already , but not the blank f01s.
here you go guys : (wondering what you folks think about the failure to recognize the media being in the drive with only power and no ide ribbon?)

Mainboard and chipset
Motherboard manufacturer PCCHIPS
Motherboard model M817LMR, 1.0
BIOS vendor American Megatrends Inc.
BIOS revision 062710
BIOS release date 07/15/97
Chipset ALI AliMagiK1 rev. 4
Southbridge ALI M1533 rev. 0
Graphic Interface AGP
AGP Status enabled, rev. 2.0
AGP Data Transfert Rate 4x
AGP Max Rate 4x
AGP Side Band Addressing supported, enabled
AGP Aperture Size 128 MBytes

dvdrs are running in udma mode 2

(sorry nero infotool keeps crashing when itried to save file or even print it so could scan it and post)
something i maybe able to tell you manually, pinto?

Will I seriously doubt you got 4 drives from different sources and all of them bad. (One had to be good if not all) You say different brand media works fine. Go try a nec drive and lets see how it works. Ps what speed media is this prodisk?

  • personally would start with updating the BIOS into the DVD-recorder age: the last update was in 2002 & may be downloaded from here:

  • you will need to research the correct AMI flash-tool, & perhaps download from their driverless DRDOS flash-floppy image - this is the safest way to do it.

What OS are you running?

  • you will also need the most recent ALI chipset drivers for your IDE/ATAPI widgets. Even then, your hardware is sufficiently ancient that 16x burning may be a struggle.

f01 is 8x media, but is supported by this drive up to 12x.
hey shoarthing , first your knowledge would appear very impressive and i appreciate your time. that being said, what are your thoughts on the drive not even acknowledging the media with power only, no connection to a system at all (except for the power cable) thats got me stumped. im also planning to upgrade the board, cpu, and memory when my income tax check comes in about a month or so. i just cant get past the power only thing.

  • before ‘blaming’ the 1620, would try one with your media in a known-solid & vaguely up-to-date system. Your system sounds likely to be - ahem - a bit on the mature side as regards software, so it is difficult to pinpoint any hassles until we know whether these 1620s actually work w/ your Prodisk F01 [as of course they do, but I suppose you might have a couple of really dire spindles].