Is my 120S broken?


I recently bought 120s slot dvdrom drive.

When I try to copy a disc using nero(data and movies). It gets towards the end of the disc and gives me a program read error in both nero(data) and dvdshrink(movies).

Some disc reads fine but most of the time it stuffs up and it annoy me. I think it is running the latest firmware since I just bought it.

The disc that fails to read i put it in by 106 and it copies fine.

Any idea?

I had 2 120s drives. What a disappointment! I was shocked at the pressure required to get a disc into one of these. I can well imagine damaging discs as they bend with the pressure. My older Pioneer 12x slot DVD requires no noticable pressure to insert a disc, and it comes out nice and smoothly compared to the jerking effort of the 120s. Anyway, I swapped it in the hope my unit was faulty but the new one was the same. Regarding your problem, my 120s does similar. I use DVD Shrink and it gets to about 50% before I get an error message. Not with every DVD but all the time on certain DVD’s. I used my Liteon DVD in the same PC without any problems. Luckily my 120s stopped working and I was able to exchange it for something else.

The Pionneer 120s is a poorly designed product that you should stay away from IMHO.