Is Mt. Rainier back in PX-716 now?


People here talked about firmware 1.00 having Mt. Rainier support while the following firmwares are having it disabled. They expected 1.05 to have it again. But no one is telling if it came back in the meantime (1.06)? Does anyone know more about it?


According to to the latest verison of Plextools the answer is no.

No. No drive that I know of has DVD+MRW. The MRW spec is still in draft form and it probably won’t have OS support until Longhorn is released.

Philips did put DVD+MRW on ice shorting after Pioneer had finalized their suggestion for defect management on DVD-RW.

Forgot that: AFAIK, the latest Pioneer DVD writers support that defect management on DVD-RW in theory, but there doesn’t seem to be any working software to actually use it

What is the point of Mount Rainer anyway?

From what I’ve read, it seems to be just normal RW with DVDRAM features kludged onto it…

I would much rather use DVDRAM than DVDRW media for the random-access use that it seems to be aimed at - All the RW medias, even the Verbatim stuff I’ve used have degraded really quickly after a few dozen rewrites which makes them completely useless as random-access media: The only thing I use them for now is for pre-final mastering (I wish they had DL RWs, my testing phases would be soo much cheaper…).

JVC has recently developed a DVD-RW DL