Is Mount rainier dead?

All the new DVD-R/RW (CD-R) drives are not supporting the technology? Was the tech a misfire? What’s wrong with it?

I can’t think of one drive that did support the Mt Ranier technology (I think there was at least one). Anybody know which it was?

There are no DVD-R/RW drives that support Mt. Rainier and there will not be one.

However, there are some CD writers that do support Mt. Rainier writing for CD-RW media. The main reason behind the delay of DVD+RW Mt. Rainier may be the delayed release of the next big Windows release which is planned to RTM in 2006 under the codename Longhorn. Without native OS support, Mt. Rainier for DVD+RW and CD-RW do not have much value for ordinary users in my opinion as they are not going to like to install InCD or any other third-party programs just to use rewritable media. I once hoped Microsoft would release at least Windows XP SP2 or SP3 with native OS support of Mt. Rainier DVD+RW/CD-RW but that is not going to happen, it seems now. Anyway, Mt. Rainier is not dead. Mt. Rainier drives are actually more widely used than DVD-RAM writer drives. Both CD-RW and DVD-RAM media are slow and expensive compared to other media such as Blu-ray, DVD+RW, and HDD.

Great explanation Kenshin. Are there any DVD writers that have Mt Ranier support for cd-rw’s?

I didn’t care to check but some reviews or drive comparison tables might have. I was one of the very early supporters of DVD+RW, since 2001 at least. I gave up very early on CD.


neither my LG 4120B nor my NEC nd1100A do support MR, but many cd writers, for example my Liteon LTR-48125W :slight_smile:

But I prefer DVD-RAM anyway :wink:



amen to dvd-ram. Mt Rainier ranks as one of the most overhyped non-features these past few years…

What about Longhorn?

No but Prince Rainier is :slight_smile:

Correction, The NuTech 082 Supports Mt. Rainer

What about it? I’m supposed to buy a drive on some promise that Mount Rainier will be supported in 2 years or so? In the meantime I’d rather be buying real products that do what I want them to do.

Mount Rainier has been discussed for years and it’s still nowhere, as far as I’m concerned. Longhorn support (if it ever eventuates) doesn’t interest me in the least, and it shouldn’t matter to anyone buying a drive today.

Hm. You don’t care about OS support? If you do, didn’t you read something about Longhorn when you read about Mt. Rainier DVD+RW? They were always discussed together even if you are not interested in. It does matter a lot to most people who buy drives today, though not you maybe.

Who told you to buy drives on that promise and where was a promise in the first place?

I said Mt. Rainier is not available for DVD-R and DVD-RW. Mt. Rainier is only for CD-RW and DVD+RW. Nu-tech DDW-082 is a DVD+RW drive though it can also write to DVD+R, DVD-R, and DVD-RW.

Drives and media, supporting Mt. Rainier:

Does Sony DW-D22A support Mt. Rainier?
The list is not full.

plextor claims that thier 708 drive does support Mt. Rainier
though niether the 712 nor the 716 do

Never found a drive - OS combination that worked with InCD. Either System hangs or CD becomes unreadable or both. I gave up about packetwriting without native OS support. DVD-RAM works very well and I never had any problems. When Longhorn has Mt. Rainier for CD/DVD I will try again.

NEC 3500/NERO 6.6/Windows 98 combo also works with Mt. R. Duno why.

I gave up packet writing programs and I couldnt be happier now I use external Hard drives with usb 2.0 for back up and data storage its faster and more stable. and I periodically back everything up on DVD+r’s

4,7 GB on a >100GB HDD cost less than a DVD-RAM or DVD RW therefore backing up onto a >100GB HDD is cheaper, more reliable and easier than onto DVD-RAM’s or DVD RW’s. DVD-RAM is good for editing files on the DVD-RAM on different computers with DVD-RAM drives only.