Is Morpheus/limeware Legal?

I have found two sites that seem to have the same basic idea that Kazaa lite had. Although both sites do not directly say their programs are legal, they do give you the vibe that they are.

The programs are Morpheus and Limeware.

Can someone shed some light on what programs are legal, or what agency I could contact to find out first hand… or both.


They are legal in the Netherlands :bigsmile:

They both operate on the Gnutella network right?

Well the use of those programs is always legal (unless a certain court ruled otherwhise). A problem is though that it can be used for both legal and illegal matters (and in most situations, it’s illegal).

This is like having a stiletto (for example): it could be used to open envelopes, although it’s practical use is often to threat and stab people with.
talking about bad analogies… :wink:

interesting read

basically its about how the movie industry was established in california to escape having to pay edison for royalties on his invention (because the jurisdication couldn’t reach them at that point that far away)

so basically the movie industry is built on illegal activity and not paying royalties (aka pirating)

Does Morpheus have spyware? Anyone know?

Originally posted by Alex T.
Does Morpheus have spyware? Anyone know?

Yes it does.

Kazzaa, Morpheus, and Grockster all have spyware/Adware built in. I would suggest you shun them like the plauge…:slight_smile:

Kazzaa lite on the other hand interfaces quite well into that network…though it’s not an “official” client to that network.

It’s a mixed bag, as stated above…while the concept is not in of itself illeagle, anything you choose to download probably is. Here in the US…the time is not long before simply having the software installed is likely to be a crime…LOL

the programs are not banned, its what people do with them that are banned<a href=“”><img src=“” border=0 alt=“Free Computer Help”></a>

Is Morpheus/Limeware legal?

Of course downloading and running the software itself is legal. And, as a user friendly aid for the FTP challenged, it has it’s legitimate and legal applications. Which is why the courts got it WRONG and why Shawn Fanning should take his case all the way to The Supreme Court. Napster (or any other file sharing app for that matter) is no more illegal than the thousands of FTP server and client apps that are sold/downloaded everyday in the US. Or, for that matter, PCAnywhere. or even the file sharing client built in to every Windows release since 2000. And I don’t see the courts in any rush to shut down the developers of Serv-U or CuteFTP. Much less M$! P2P apps are no different. And I can think of a thousand perfectly legal uses for the software. The collusion between the RIAA, the courts, and local/federal law enforcement in shutting down P2P software developers rates as one of the most blatant abuses of legal power in recent memory. And if ‘Joe Average’ understood the wide ranging implications of these decisions, the outcry would be huge.

Is downloading/sharing legally copyrighted material with your peers legal?

Duh. Didn’t the Napster ruling kind of settle that question? It’s the high tech equivalent of the bootleg record scene of the 1980’s.

BUT…that doesn’t change the fact that the software itself is NOT illegal nor SHOULD it be. Software development is NOT a crime.

Bow down lemmings! Bow to your government overlords! DARE not question their judgement!


I equate the process to sueing gun companies for some jackass that used a gun it made to commit a crime. A gun is a tool, software is a tool…it’s how the “individual” uses that tool that makes an act illeagle. Not going into the tyraid of whats really wrong with the recording industry…but would agree…the software is not in itself wrong or illeagle…:slight_smile:

Just for fun though…I will muddy these waters abit, and point out that p2p clients that deliberatly hack into servers not yet shut down…“the lite versions” While i support these products for personal reasons…as many of you do…I think we can agree on paper…they are not legal…:slight_smile: