Is Mod Firmware For BenQ1640?

Is there any Modded Firmware for BenQ 1640 that :

  1. Bost Media Overspeed Capability of 1640

  2. Remove any Riplock if any of 1640

  3. Expand Medias Compabality of 1640

  4. Improve Writing Quality of 1640

Modded firmware no, using MSCE is the closest thing to what you want as it can remove riplock and swap stats for media to increase burning speed.

Over speeding should (hopefully) be in the next official 1640 firmware update from BenQ.

And when might that new firmware be out? :slight_smile:
I know the last release was just two weeks ago but I’m just anxious to see a new release :wink:

It will be out mid August BSKB plus Qsuite V2

Do you happen to know what changes are in Qsuite V2?


The new f/w released 7/25/05 called BSJB:The following is from BenQ own site:

Drivers availability

1.Fix DVD+RDL radial coil with high dissipation issue
2.Finalize the CDROM multi session leadin address judgement
3.Fix speed error problem when speed change continously.
4.Improve PP_amp(RE_amp) based FOO calibration
5.Redo focus AGC and FOO calibration for L0 at startup after switch to new LDSEG
6.Fix DVD+R DL grating ratio adjust module 961 KB Version: BSJB 07-25-2005

I get better burns with BSIB rather than BSJB. I’m hoping that BSKB will be a better release.

I was told in another thread that the BenQ has no Riplock, you can rip at 16x out of the box.

My BenQ 1640 OEM Beige came from the factory with no riplock and also region free.

Yeah I just forgot that the 1640 doesnt have a riplock.

so where exactly did u get it then, because region free sounds very cool indeed :slight_smile:

It’s probably not region free, just that the region hasn’t been set yet.

Right, but DL, +RW and -RW media read only at 12x. With the MCSE patch DL are read at 15.6x peak.

Thanks for clearing that up for me Ala42, I am expecting the drive tomorrow and the first thing I am going to do is speedpatch Yuden000-T02-000 to 16x, but i am wondering what to replace it with.

Take Yuden000-T03.

I never saw a disc with that media code. Is it the same as TYG-03.

Obviously not :). It is TY’s 16x +R media.

ala, can you tweak non-pressed DL read speed for us? :iagree:

ala42: Since taken time , energy and resources to do this for the benefit of every one how own BenQ 1640, could put brief instruction step by step for those of us which are interested in using your tools. Thanks

On the Benq 1620 the read speed patch on +R9 media led to slower read speed than when reading without the patch, so I disabled it. Soemone wants to test higher +R9 read speed on a Benq 1640 ?