Is "Mobile Option" included with DVDFab?



Greetings, I hope for some help here… It is very unclear on the ordering page and the product comparison matrix as to whether or not the “Mobile Option” is automatically included in the Platinum product. The ordering page gives you a box to check to include[?] the “Mobile Option” at extra cost. Or is the “Mobile Option” offered as a separate product apart from DVDFab Platinum?

The try-out download has the “Mobile Option” as part of the download of DVDFab, so do I lose the “Movile Option” if I don’t pay the additional $19.99?.

So, do I or not need to pay the extra $19.99 for the “Mobile Option”? It’s only a real concern as once I make a purchase it is unrefundable, I just want to make the correct purchase the first time without disappointment




The mobile option is 19.xx extra with either platinum or gold. Hope this helps.
If you do not need the mobile option now you can always purchase it later.


I think unless you DEselect it, it’s included.

//EDIT// I just checked, it is included unless you DEselect it in the checkbox.


Thank you much for your assistance, both of your current responses got my concerns answered!