Is Mitsui (MAM-A) selling stampers?



I just tested some samples of CD-R that identified as Mitsui 97m27s58f and it was pure doggy-doo. E32s, drop-outs, track-loss, and average BLER between 150 - 250! And that was on the media that the Clover would recognize. The rest - I couldn’t test.

I got the samples from a colleague who was buying them from a vendor in Brooklyn. I contacted the vendor to find out who made the media and they “didn’t know”, so I asked for samples and they refused to send them (I see why). So I am curious as to where these discs came from. BTW, they’re available at the low low price of 12 cents at carton quantity. :slight_smile:

I know the reputation the MTC marketing machine has bought for itself has dropped in recent years, but I can’t see MAM-A letting something out the door this bad, even if it were going out the BACK door.

So, I’m guessing that some of the newer players to the Asian market are getting their stampers from Mitsui. Can anyone confirm that Mitsui is selling stampers with their MID code?


Hi :slight_smile:

I reply only to bump the thread, as I have no clue as yet.
Let’s hope [B]Dakhaas [/B]or some other insider will notice the thread. :wink:

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Without the serial I can’t say who made them.

MAM-E/MAM-A / CSI (MAM )have put quite some bad disc’s themselves on the market.(GOLDEN DYE ???)
However the MITSUI code is also used by quite some hongkong manufacturers these days.
In this case I will be giveing MAM/CSI the benefits of doubt and will think it’s hongkong made stuff still without the numbers on the disc I can’t be sure. If you can give me these then I will try to see if I can confirm it wasn’t MAM/CSI who made them.


Alternatively, if you get the serial numbers, then I can take it to MAM-A, who is generally a little more giving of information then MAM-E or CSI :wink:

I’ve got a couple contacts there who actually work in their US plant (not just a PR guy or sales rep!), who can probably lend a hand.


They’re not being sold as Mitsui and do not have a lot code printed on them. The hub matrix is “CDR 80-020KG” and “1219”. MID is Mitsui 97m27s58f

The importer is Symmetry Group Inc, (718) 392-2380 in Long Island City, NY.
It looks like they’ve been accused of selling CD-R in the past without paying Philips royalties. I think DAKHAAS has it correct regarding a Hong Kong manufacturer. I was just curious if it was a legitimate use of a Mitsui stamper or some crude attempt at piracy.


I’ve sent an e-mail to my contacts. I’ll let you know when I hear back! :slight_smile:


And here is the response:

That is our MID, but we do not use that type of stamper ID number. We know of several instances where Taiwanese makers have used our ATIP, but unfortunately there is little we can do. The price alone suggests that it is not our media.

Nothing surprising there really, but it’s nice to have confirmed.


95 % sure that these disc’s are made by Long U Industries Limited a hongkong manufacturer !


Thanks for tracking down this mystery, Dakhaas and Dolphinius Rex. It’s too bad Mitsui can’t protect their tradename from misuse like this.


Correcting myself here Long U industries isn’t honkong based but macau based.
(Yep these guys make all the crap made in macau disc’s for brands like gigatain ! )

Thanks for tracking down this mystery, Dakhaas and Dolphinius Rex. It’s too bad Mitsui can’t protect their tradename from misuse like this.

It’s no longer in there interest the only interest Mitsui still has when it comes to the recording business is to sell as much of there technology as possible !