Is MIJ really better than MIT



This may belong in media but it pertains to how Benq fares. So far, both my MIT tests (TEON - MCC003 and Memorex - CMC MAG E01) have had better scans than my MIJ (Maxell - maxell002.) Haven’t opened up my MIJ FUJI yet but I’m sure they’ll look pretty good.

Have MIT quality improved? Or, is MIJ maxell just sub-par? Seems I recall other people not having great results with it either. I want to get a MIT Maxell and MIJ Memorex for comparisons sake.

Here’s the Maxell scan:

And Memorex:

The TEON is amazing (for mit):


My experience with Maxell-branded, made in Japan media has been similar to yours. They are good discs, but made in Taiwan Prodisc have up to 10-20 times fewer PI failures.

Some more scans to digest, all four burned at 12x, in order of appearance:

8x Maxell +R, made in Japan,
8x Maxell -R, made in Japan,
8x Prodisc +R (Memorex-branded), made in Taiwan,
8x Prodisc -R (Fujifilm-branded), made in Taiwan.


Quote: The TEON is amazing (for mit):
Scans nicely when burned with firmware P9, doesn’t it? “And now. . .The rest of the story.”
There is a data integrity issue with CMC E01 when burned with firmware P9. A scan will not reveal E01’s intermittent data integrity failures. The “scandisc” feature, and DVDdecryptor’s all-file mode will let you find the corrupted files on your CMC E01 media. Better yet, use T9 firmware and avoid most of the frustrating data integrity failures of CMC media. :wink:


Will a transfer rate test reveal this “issue”?


There’s nothing subpar about that MAXELL002 scan. They’re all excellent burns; consider yourself fortunate you have a burner that performs so well on so many different media. Also keep in mind Maxell is very new at DVD+R production (only started last year). There is no such thing really as MIT Maxell or MIJ Memorex. All of Maxell’s production is in Japan, so any Maxell-branded discs that are made in Taiwan will be Ricoh discs, made by Ritek in Taiwan. Also Memorex is not a manufacturer but a brand/reseller and they don’t buy any discs made in Japan.


I’ve had great luck with OptoDisc (a Taiwan maker), and ProDisc is even better. OptoDisc scans won’t have you shouting from the rooftop, but they’re similar to what you’ve posted (PIE max at 90, often flat to 4 Gbytes, PIE volume under 80,000, PIF under 10 - some under 6), all played on various players.

I think some of them are getting their act together myself. The history may have been cluttered with errors, and their business practice (selling second rate results) may still be less stringent than the Japanese, but I think ProDisc is really quite good.