Is Memorex DVD-RW 4x any good?

I know 8x is coming out, but Futureshop (Bestbuy) has a 5 pack for $8 CAD. I was thinking of buying it, but decided to wait to find out if the quality is any good. Is it? Thanks.

Difficult to say, as Memorex outsources to different manufacturers. I don’t know who produces their 4X -RW medias at the moment.

Reports about Memorex discs are not very enthousiastic in general. Too much variations.

Best “peace of mind” choice for RW is Verbatim IMO. :slight_smile:

They’re like $10 more here, but maybe I"ll take a risk since it’s so cheap.

Mine say Ricoh Japan. Never had a problem with them. Bought at CompUSA if I remember correctly.