Is Memorex CD-R media any good & whos makes them please?

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Last week I bought a 50 piece Memorex CD spindle (17 euro
for 50 discs) hoping to get the same quality CDs.
The label on the spindle looks exactly the same as the label on
the jewel case CDs, but they turned out to be from a different
manufacturer (CMC Magnetics :frowning: ).

Results: lots of c2 errors (on more than 15 % of all sectors) and
quite often the discs are simply not readable at all !
(recorded them at 2x speed) !! [/B]

Sounds like you got a bad bunch, what speed were they listed at? With Memorex its always a “Grab Bag”, thats why I always stay away from paying full price for them.

The AT&T CD-Rs I got last month are CMC made and I have only had 2 bad CD-R’s. I wish the quality control was more consistant.

something strange I’ve noticed : the discs in the spindle have a terrible smell (like “burned” :slight_smile:

I noticed Riteks also smell funny - reminded me of coconut oil. Leave the top cover off overnight and the strong smell sometimes goes away.

anybody know if the memorex mini cdr’s are any good. i wonder who makes them. i saw some at circuit city and office depot. i forgot to check if they were made in japan!

[QUOTE=airwreck;2122962]anybody know if the memorex mini cdr’s are any good. i wonder who makes them. i saw some at circuit city and office depot. i forgot to check if they were made in japan![/QUOTE]

Hi aiwreck,
they are probably made by CMC Magnetics (or maybe Ritek) and should be of decent quality. Taiyo Yuden does not make mini CD-R media. :frowning:

I know this this thread is as old as time, but in short, Memorex outsource their production units, so their quality can be all over the place. Essentially, whoever is at the cheapest at the time wins the bid to produce their disc production. Memorex is merely a brand name and does not produce it’s own media, instead renaming other unbranded as their own.

Also be careful to note that Memorex often scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to disc, buying the low-end manufacturing batches so their discs can be inconsistant quality. To illustrate this, I bought a 50-Pack of Memorex CD-Rs last week and the media ID is Moser Boer India. A friend of mine bought a 100 pack a while ago, and the media code is a generic CMC Magnetics code.

Their good for generic, all-rounder purpose, something where if the disc get damaged your not going to be annoyed about, but for any archival work or mega files… Caveot Emptor!

It seems I may have got it wrong… Or, I have got really lucky…

Now, as I approach the end of my 50 pack spindle which I dirt cheap from Amazon for £5.47, which included free delivery. I have had not one coaster relative to the discs, although due to a dodgy laptop drive which overheats and shuts down, I have only had two coasters with them.

The discs itself I have no problem in, and they do come in an excellent, if flimsy, cakebox. Even the MID code seems quality, as it is made by MBI. (My spindle was made in India)

Alright, so their results aren’t stellar, but they are certainly better than CMC discs and MBI have been churning some quality stuff!

Give 'em a whirl!

(Or, save more and invest in a 100 pack! :disagree:)