Is Melody BD-R still best bang per buck media?

As titled. I’m about to run out of them so I’m looking to buy some more BD-R. Are they still best bang per buck, or should I look into something else?

…if you like getting coasters.

I’ve burnt about 400 of them. Only had one coaster.

I seem to remember that the Infome-R30 are more compatible across a larger number of burners than the Infome-R40. Does this still hold true, and is it easy to tell the difference when purchasing Melody brand discs?

So far I haven’t gotten any coaster out of INFOME-R30. I burn multiple .mkv on each disc along with a SHA-512 checksum. After bruning I ran the checksum plus VSO Inspector. Everything checks out at this point.

Just wondering if there is better media out there that cost about the same as these Melody disc. I’m using LG WH14SN40.

I doubt you find any other discs with a good rep in these forums at the price point of the Melody discs.
We recommend Panasonic, FTI/Falcon and Verbatim HTL, but they won’t be found at the price of the Melody brand.

Yeah. For 1x 50 spindle of Panasonic BD-R I could’ve bought 3x 50 spindle of Melody BD-R.

I do have some Panasonic BD-R DL, but I only use them to burn Blu-ray video >25GB. Like BD-R, they are pricey.

Thanks. Looks like I’ll order some more Melody disc.