Is Maxell media that bad?

I just about pulled my hair out when I read all the info on here about good and bad media. I’d like some advice on my situation and any input would be appreciated.

I had been using an LG burner since I started burning DVDs in 2003. I used PRINCO media and always did a CRC scan of the disc after it was burned. I used this media because it was all I could afford at the time.

I recently found out about PIE/PIF testing and decided to change my burner for a BenQ DDW1640 since it could perform one. This drive is amazing and I think I’ll be getting another one.

I’ve spent the last few weeks dealing with media and reviews from people out there. I am still unsure if I should act on my findings.

If I look at all my DVDs, it’s hard to tell if they are degrading or if they were just burned that way since I have used 3 models of LG burners. I can rule out the very first drive because it went defective on me and I only burned a few discs. The other 2 drives never failed and the discs always passed the CRC scans. I burned about 500 discs and didn’t have a single coaster. All the discs from the latest LG burner (4163B), all look the same, even from a 8 months ago or recently.

Going through my collection of PRINCO discs, most of them tested the same as the latest ones. However some of the older ones had a high PIE rate at the beginning of the disc. Most within spec of under 280 MAX PIEs. As for the PIFs, they were all well within range. The MAX PIFs were about 5-10 as usual.

Then I noticed I had some Yi Jhan 001 discs. These discs are definately degrading very fast and I am in the process of recovering all of them. I can see that these are pure junk for sure. After seeing these discs fail badly, I am scared of so called cheap media and am concerned if all my PRINCO discs will end up the same?

I recently bought a bunch of Maxell 8x discs with an ID of RITEKG05. If I compare the PIE/PIF results compared to Sony08D1; the Sony discs look great to me and I’d be very happy if all the discs were like them.

The RITEKG05 discs have a good PIE rate but the PIF rate is average compared to a real DVD. I have 3 spindles of 100 pcs of the Maxell’s so I don’t want to get rid of them on a tangent!

What I’d like to know is…will the Maxell discs degrade beyond a point of return because of these errors? If they remain the way they show in the scans, I would be satisfied.
Can the PIE/PIF errors be a guide to determine if media will degrade just over time? Or, am I getting conflicting opinions of stories that are blown way out of proportion?

Maxell has a Lifetime Warranty on these discs but I’d rather have no warranty with intact data in the future just like anyone. I am kind of weary of burning discs that I may have to re-burn or even loose in the near future and I don’t want to re-burn everything for nothing. Or, in the worse case, waste time now on this.

Here are some scans from my collection of DVDs using Nero CD-DVD Speed ver 4.10. Every disc I have ever burned was at 4x and I scan them at 4x. The RITEKG05 discs are from the same spindle. I tried to get better results with the RITEK media on the BenQ, but the defaults seem to work the best.
^This is a Maxell RITEKG05 burned on the BenQ today.(These are the discs in question)
“I used the default Qsuite settings”
^This is a RITEKG05 disc burned on the BenQ with default Qsuite settings from 2 weeks ago. (Seems better?!?!)
^This is a Sony disc burned today on the BenQ from the failed Yi Jhan 001 disc shown below. (This is Very good!)
^This is a PRINCO disc burned on the LG-GSA-4163B recently. (Looks ok to me)
^This is an older PRINCO disc burned on the LG-GSA-4163B.
^This is a Maxell RITEKG05 burned on the LG-GSA-4163B right after. (Looks a bit rough)
^This is a older PRINCO disc burned on the LG-GSA-4082B. (Higher PIEs)
^This is a Yi Jhan 001 disc burned on the LG-GSA-4082B. (Bad)

What do you think?

Maxell doesn’t make these discs, Ritek does. The G05 media has been discussed at length here, and the consesnsus seems to be that it’s not very relaible. Copying your Princo to better discs is a good idea, but the G05 may not prove to be much better. Suggest you do a search here on Ritek G05 and read up on it.

If you want “real” Maxell media, which is great stuff, you have to buy “Made In Japan”.

I know that the discs are made by RITEK, but not all G05s are the same. For example…Maxell gives a lifetime warranty, others don’t. Right now, my discs have no warranty so I would have to throw away 300+ DVDs. Around here there is no media that is MIJ, everything is Taiwan. It would take quite a lot of effort to copy all my discs to better discs and would be costly.

I have read all I can about the media, but there are so many different opinions that I can’t come to a conclusion.

What I was posting about wasn’t about this at all. It was about degrading media vs. the way they are burned and their life.

Your Yi Jhan probably haven’t really been degrading, they likely were burned like that from the start. I’ve used them, they vary in quality and generally they burn very poor, even on burners that excel with cheapo generic media such as Yi Jhan.

On the other hand, and why people are VERY cautious of using Ritek G05 media at this point, is that there are many cases of Ritek, especially G05, burning with excellent PI/PIF levels initially, only to degrade to levels worse than your Yi Jhan scan. That’s an even worse fate than burning poorly initially, because you know it is an issue from the start when they burn poorly right off the bat. With some of these Ritek discs they go from good to ugly in a few months.

I don’t know what causes the G05 issues, although I’d have to believe it could be an issue with the discs being very sensitive to imperfect storage, but then again they might fail even in perfect storage conditions, I don’t know. If you do use them, I’d suggest taking extra care with storing them properly and also scanning some of the discs every few weeks to see if they are degrading or not.

BTW, you are fooling yourself if you think that burning everything at 4x is automatically going to give you higher quality burns. Media generally burns at its best at its rated speed, although that’s only a general comment and there are always going to be variables from burner/firmware/media. For example, your G05 might burn better at 4x than 8x with your LG with XYZ firmware, but burn better at 8x than 4x on your Benq or LG with ABC firmware. It’s going to vary with every single media, burner, and firmware - you’ll just have to do some test burns and check the PI/PIF scans to see what works best.

Well, my Yi Jhan discs passed a CRC test, but now they have errors mainly at the end of the discs. These discs played well at the time because I watched them. When I play them now, they freeze all over.

As for the G05 problem, I have only burned a few discs. I am burning on Sony discs now. But, I will see if they degrade by checking them periodically.

I am not fooled into doing 4x burns, any disc burns better at 4x. To prove it, here are the results:


Regarding the Yi Jhan discs, I can assure you that they burned poorly initially, my point was that they cannot obtain initial burn quality such as Ritek G05 discs can. If you had done scans on the Yi Jhan discs at the time of burning, you probably would not have trusted the discs from day one. Even the scan you posted is useable, although highly likely to skip. But no PO failures, so you should be able to backup the disc and reburn it onto another.

Being a big user of Maxell in the past I can talk from my own experience. Maxell DVDs years ago were decent discs, made by RICOHJPNR01. Now I would go as far as saying they are variable in quality. Maxell uses RICOHJPNR03 (rare), mostly RITEKR03/G05 and sometimes their own MAXEL002. Personally I have had no problem with the RITEKR03 from Maxell. The MAXELL002 media ID however, had a good scan with spec for PIE and PIF but a big TOTAL count on the PIF. Now I strictly use Taiyo Yuden and cannot believe how I managed without it…it’s so good to have PIE max in the single digit range and PIF totals in the 2 digit range with a max of 1 most of the time, sometimes 2.

On a side note, I have also used Maxell DVD+R printable surface white in those packages of 15, and they are great too. (MAXELL002 media)

They do give a lifetime waranty but that is useless -you have to cover your own shipping and duties and what not depending on where you are at - most people will throw the discs away - Also Maxell tech support is HORRID, they are very uncooperative and rude over the phone and they DENY using third party dyes claiming that Maxell is Maxell, they DENY ever using RITEK - What a load of crap :slight_smile:

BenQ burners typically have higher PIE for DVD-R than DVD+R, but none of those burns are bad. I’d say stick to 8x for the SONY08D1.

Thanks for the advice fellas :wink:

It really depends where the Maxell media was made.

Maxell media made in Japan is made by Hitachi and is of the highest quality (IMO rivaling that of Taiyo Yuden and Singapore manufactured Verbatim).

However, if it’s made anywhere else, the quality is likely to be inconsistent at best and downright awful at worst.

Well, the Yi Jhan definitely did degrade since he said they played fine after burning, but now skip, though really we’ll never know how bad they were initially. And, I must say I’m very impressed at how close the 16x burn is compared to the 8x burn, since it is only 8x media. The 8x and 16x burns definitely have a higher PIE compared to the 4x burn, but essentially the same PIF. The PIE, though, is WELL within spec, and I would have no reluctance to burn at 8x or 16x on these discs. Very good scans indeed.