Is maddox funny?

what do you think of maddox?

need a button to vote for “stupid”

for every animal you dont eat - ill eat 3, ahaha

i find him funny, however sometimes he oversteps the mark

Work Safe?


Never heard of him but he is probably funny because he is offensive…

He’s sort of funny but thats because he’s offensive to everyone.You would have to be silly to email him or just love being shit on.

More stupid are the people that read the shit he writes.

Shrugs Makes for a good laugh.
I’ve stated this before, Maddox is just someone that states his mind at the point where he’s probably at angry & at his highest emotional point. Everyone thinks like that sometimes, but not all the time, but he expresses it. Civilised people won’t, but he can because of the anonymity granted by the internet, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t walk out the house spouting crap like that either, otherwise he’d have a crowd camped outside his door every single day, ready to stone him to death for being the anti-christ.

It’s good for a laugh. It’s not to be taken seriously. If you take it seriously, you didn’t understand the joke.

Note Just because people don’t want to hear it, it doesn’t make you wrong.
There is nothing more demotivating than the truth!
/end note

Maddox is one of my heroes :bow:

Maddox? :confused:

i like him, especialy his “Crappy Kids Drawings”, but the page on suicide was mean.

maddox getting busted on irc :smiley:

lol, did his mum really not know?

Eh, he has his moments.

Don’t you mean: he had his moment!

Depends on whether his mum has an open mind! Do you reckon she disowned him?

Maddox is always good for a laugh.:):iagree: