Is Luxembourg TTH01 (TDK 8x DVD-R) crappy media?



I have bought a 25 disc pack of Imation 8x DVD-R ages ago, it was MIL (Made in Luxembourg), Media ID was TTH01 (TDK 8x DVD-R).

  1. LiteOn scan from April 14, 2010
  2. Samsung scan from April 28, 2010 :eek:
  3. LiteOn scan from April 28, 2010 :eek: :eek: (even though I scanned at 16x, 8x and 4x scans show a similar pattern)
  4. LiteOn TRT from April 28, 2010 :eek: :eek: :eek: (Samsung also stops reading with L-EC UNCORRECTABLE ERROR just before the 0.5 gigs mark)

The disc was burned exactly a month ago with Plextor PX-716A at 8x and stored in a transparent 2-disc DVD videobox. Interestingly, I have stored a fake MCC 003 in the same videobox and it doesn’t show signs of degradation.

As TDK has stopped producing blank media in Luxembourg anyway and 8x media is old-fashioned now, it might not be that interesting anymore. But if somebody has a lot of data stored on TDK 8x DVD-R, it might be worth a check whether the discs have been showing signs of degradation.

Actually just THIS is one of the main reasons why I prefer burning two sets of different media if there’s something important to backup. :iagree: One can never rule out that discs might degrade, even discs from “reputable” brands, but it’s unlikely that two different disc types exhibit the same problems.



Perhaps I should find some of those TDK ScratchProof 8x DVD-R I have burned and check how they are doing…


I only have one burned back in 2006 with an optiarc 3520 i will post the scan as soon as it finish.

Here is the results, ok for a three plus years old dvd.


[QUOTE=vroom;2513988]ok for a three plus years old dvd.[/QUOTE] In my opinion, no.
I find what happens at approx. 3.5-3.75 GB to be unacceptable for my taste.


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2513992]In my opinion, no.
I find what happens at approx. 3.5-3.75 GB to be unacceptable for my taste.[/QUOTE]

OK, at this point i wont re-burn this disc (nothing that it worth the time), it plays fine on my dvd and also i get perfect trt from the [B]LG GSA-H44L[/B] and the [B]Asus 22B2ST[/B] but i will try to recheck this disc later.


[QUOTE=vroom;2513993]OK, at this point i wont re-burn this disc (nothing that it worth the time)[/QUOTE] My guess is that the reading problem starting at 3.5-3.75GB is a result of the initial burn and not due to degradation over time.


I wish i could find the original burn, but it would probably have been an overspeed using a modified firmware, not sure about it.


I have just scanned a few different burns from the same spindle pack, all about a month old. First one made by LiteOn LH-20A1L, second and third one made by Optiarc 5630A (from a recent iMac). While the burn quality isn’t the greatest, there’s nothing too alarming either.

I don’t know which arcane circumstances caused this single disc to fail prematurely. Still, it might be worth keeping an eye on those discs.


Skip all TDK labelled DVDs so you wont waste time & money.


[QUOTE=chef;2515228]Skip all TDK labelled DVDs so you wont waste time & money.[/QUOTE]

I also suggest skipping all Memorex = Memowrecks labeled DVDs too. :bigsmile:


Actually being an old school CD Freak (oh yes, it is out of fashion now) was a lot about curiosity and discovering little gems. 8x TDK media was a mixed bag, including everything from Moser Baer and CMC to Taiyo Yuden media. Nowadays, of course, it’s a bit different, although at least Falcon-made TDK discs ARE very popular!

(Seems there were a lot of complaints about TDK 003’s bad bonding and subsequent degradation too.)


I have a few 8x tdk dvd’s and i can say that they were much better than the first generation of 16x (CMC :Z) so if i had the option of 8x and early 16x media i would go with the 8x.