Is LiteOn 32 x 10x 40 a good choice?

Hey guys,

I am from Brazil and here LiteOn Burners are very tuff to get but i could found one brand new 32 x 10 x 40 (i don’t know the model)
and i wanna know if is a good choice to buy

Here are the features that i am looking for :

Burn 90 minute Audio CD’s
Buffer Underun Protection
CD protect copies

Price US$ 50,00 (cheap here in Brazil for a Burner)

Should i Buy It ? It’s is a good choice ?

I will use Clony XXL / Clone CD



I have one of these in addition to a 48x24x48 and a 52x24x52 and the 32x is still a very good burner for your purposes

Hey !

Thanks for the note… i will buy it !


you might wish to download blindwrite suite also as it is better at safedisk 2.8x protection than clonecd is these days (or try alcohol 120% too) check the buring software forum here for links etc

Hi Guys !

I Just bought LiteOn LTR 32123 S and i am very glad !!!

Thanks for telling me about the software… i’ll take a look !

Bye !