Is liteon 1673S worth getting?

has the burn quality improved much over the other 16 series?

it might be worth it anyhow as its only £40.

yes, it’s a good drive. better than the other 16xx ones.


see my post here

Maybe i just lucked out and got a good one…or maybe it the media, but it been burning everything it throw at it and love it

Stuff Verbatim 16X +R media in this monster and fasten your seat belt !

Stuff in cheap (I paid only 58 cents for the verbatim at supermediastore before rebate, 28 cents if I receive the promised rebate, so I guess I mean cheap in quality) media and you’ll be wasting your time. I don’t understand all the media experimenters’ postings regarding this and that no-name media they pay big bucks for and then get the same poor burn results everybody else is getting. Good media is cheap, I say. My 2 cents.

Really that good?
I must get a 1673s and wait for 1693s firmware :slight_smile:

It is because Not all people in the World can get all the media of
their choice. Don’t say you can buy online. The shipping cost
outside the original online country may kill you arms & legs…