Is lite on garbage dvd recorder?

i like mine but i sure see many bad things typed about i said i like mie but i never had aother on to compare it to

I have a 411S sitting here. I have a Pioneer 106 sitting here. I had a Nutek DDW-081 sitting here…

Thus far, the liteon is by far and above the bottom of my heap :frowning:

HOWEVER…it is NOT the bottom of the heap because it is a bad writer!!!

Its the development time of the firmware, the lack of stable -R write strategy and the pickiness of the writer with some of the lesser quality media that writes perfectly on a 106 that is what irks me.

Begs the question “So why dont you use good media?!”…so, I do.

Long story short, those that whinge about the 411S and its poor burns should just resort to higher quality media…

Feed your Liteon the best…and it gives you love in return.

Feed it crap…and it will throw up coasters all night…:wink:

the reason is very simple . ya dont get what ya see. it may say memrex on box but who knows whats inside it may be like 3 diff kinda disk inside its nutttyif i coul;d just go and find a disk that says what it is i for sure would by the it frustrates me so much

Originally posted by ratman23
i like mine but i sure see many bad things typed about i said i like mie but i never had aother on to compare it to

if u like ur drive, why would u care what anyone else says about it?

well dependbily a course:) i want it to last a long time .and a course i want it to start to have more compatilbilty with all media .but i must say ive never had a coaster. and ive used 1 dollor dvd.s ive used a few diff brands.

mm could someone post a pic of a good Memorex spindle (not the CMC etc ones) so I could recognize 'hem ?

My 401s has burned data & video perfectly. I was worried about dvd-video and Nero 6 but they worked fine in stand-alone player. I’ve burned maybe 30 dvd+r’s succesfully (TDK, Maxell, Verbatim, Ricoh’s own brand, Ritek, HP) and not single coaster. Using firmware ES0G.

Don’t know much about other writers. Friend’s NEC did some coasters (data) and other friend had problems to burn video with his LG.

Another happy LiteON LDW-401s owner here :smiley:

DVD media:
Imation DVD+R (RICOHJPN media code)
Verbatim DataLifePLUS (Made by MMC)

NTI CD&DVD Maker 6.5

This drive also reads all data DVDs written on my 2nd DVD drive,
a Mitsumi 7801TE (rebadged NEC1100A), without any problems.

As you can see I’m a fan of the DVD+ format :stuck_out_tongue:
because IMO it’s the best format for data backups.