IS LITE-ON a good brand?

from what i heard, lite-on used to be good back in the days of 52x cd-r burning, liteon offer drives with good performance and features at low cost, however it seems to be that those glory days are over, from what i’ve seen and heard, liteon drives nowadays aren’t as good as they used to be.

i’ve purchased a lite-on 1693s dvd+r drive, which was priced around the same as a older nec or pioneer dvd drives, i bought the 1693s since i thought it was a newer drive so it must have a better burning quality, sadly i was mistaken.

the drive burns at about avarge speed and quality, the drive itself is very picky at dvd mediums, even good brands like maxwell and tdk dvd+rs are turn into coasters or damaged unreadable disc during burn process dispite the fact that i have all the correct settings in nero piror to burning, the drives just refuses to successfully burn something.

what’s worst, it refuses to read some of my personal dvds and cds, the drive would make alot of clicking noises before poping the disc back out at a very very sad and disappointed user.

when i did manage to burn a disc successfully, the drive would sometimes read the disc when it feels like it, and when it doesn’t it’ll smack it back at your face if it feels like it.

the drive isn’t even half a year old, and it’s already malfunctioning, i heard from a forum that states lite-on has bad quality control, and that their drives tend to break and malfunction much faster than other brands, i don’t believe it first, but i guess i’ve seen it with my own eyes, well done liteon, well done

the burning quality is avarge, even older nec or pioneer dvd burners do a better job at burning, i personally don’t own either of the aove brands, but a friend of mine does, and he has no problems burning with different brands of dvd meduim, and with better burning quality too.

so why does everyone thinks lite on is a good brand, is it because they’re helping sony save faces since liteon is repackage as sony brands? or are they shining asses? i’ve never been so disappointed, with dvd burning technology reaching it’s highest production level pontential, it’s hard to find a drive that doesn’t do it’s job welll, exept for lite-on of course, which doesn’t do it’s job at all.

the drive isn’t even half a year old, and it’s already malfunctioning, i heard from a forum that states lite-on has bad quality control, and that their drives tend to break and malfunction much faster than other brands, i don’t believe it first, but i guess i’ve seen it with my own eyes, well done liteon, well done.

am i the lucky owner of a liteon drive? i sure am.

i sure am.

I would say [B] YES [/B]they are a good brand!

I been using Lite-On’s for years and burnt with some of them 100’s of CD’s and DVD’s and the drives are all still burning and reading well.
I heard the same about the other brands and people having the same problems with all the other brands so I can only think you were unlucky with your drive. I also have 1693S drive the same model you are talking about, it’s a few years old and been very happy with it and still burning very well. :slight_smile:

a few years old? you mean the liteon 1693s is actually a few years old?

wow the liteon catalog i got here in h.k states that the 1693s is the newest model of the 2006 series, looks like i’ve been lied to, now i know those older nec brand burners is actually newer than mine, haha


oh phew what happen



NO WONDER, hey look at these pictures, i thought it was a new drive, hahahaha!!!

I have a lite-on 1693s and I’m very happy with it. It’s waaaay better than the 832s that I had (I got luck because my 832s died and was exchanged to the 1693s). The latest models from lite-on end in 6s (so they’re called here the 6s series). Ritek discs are :Z , specially -R. And the 1693s model is from the first months of 2005.

i got abit emontional, sorry.

check out my post at the top, while i was getting mad i post some pics of my 1693s burning report, please take a look at it and tell me how my drive is doing in terms of burning quality, i had to burn at 8x becasue those maxwell dvd+rs only supoort 8x.

liteon, compared to other brands like nec, LG, pioneer, it’s the least good one, correct?

when i bought my 1693s it was priced the same as an pioneer 110 or an nec drive, i bought liteon becasue i notice alot of ppl are buying the 1693s, i thought maybe it has something magical to it, so i bought it.

I have two 1693’s and both are some of the finest buners that I have ever owned…maybe you just got a lemon?

I think it is, lately I’ve had some aggrivating problems w/ my 165H6S and it not reading dvd’s, but i have found one solution which one person said has worked for him multiple times ( and I am really hoping this will work for me.

My 165H6S otherwise has been great! I’ve burned numerous brands of 16x labeled media at 16x at normally 6 minutes or under per disc and have been able to play them back on all dvd players i’ve tried. The lightscribe on my device is pretty good, but does take a while, over 20 minutes for a deep dark engraining.

I paid 44.99 for my drive, I say it was a good deal, i just hope now i can get it to read movie/game dvd’s again, and if anyone has any ideas at all on how to help it get its senses back (if it’s even the drive acting up?!) please let me know - i prefer email (mil(at)

Make sure your firmware is up to date and get some high quality media, coolaid. Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim DVD+R’s tend to give me the best results. TY 8X discs actually seem to do better than the 16X discs, but they’re getting harder to find.

Stay away from DVD-R with LiteON drives, BenQ as well. They don’t do very well with them. Just make sure whatever burning application you use supports booktyping and set the booktype to DVD-ROM regardless of your blank media as this normally gives better compatability with set-top boxes and non-burners. I think there’s a stand-alone LiteON booktyping app, but it’s been a while since I was active on the forums so I can’t point you that way. Search around a bit.

It’s possible your drive is defective, but based on the scan you posted it’s more a question of poor quality media and (probably) older firmware. Don’t give up on it yet.

That was true in the past, but in my experience it isn’t true anymore.
The newer LiteOn 5S/6S drives as well as BenQ 1650/1655 are capable of some excellent burns on good DVD-R media. :slight_smile:

I agree. I’ve got the 165P6S and with Verbatim media I have no problems getting good burns from dvd-r media. In fact, I get good burns on dvd-r media with an older 832s as well. Buy TY or Verbatim and you shouldnt’ have a problem.

LiteOns are excellent drives…my 1635s is one sweet drive,

Wrong speed! Must be 4x! Will be better!

In the earlier days of DVD drives, I don’t think LiteOn were very good at all, a lot of reviews in PC mags and web sites gave them poor ratings, which came as a surprise and disappointment to me.

My LiteOn 52327S is the best burner I’ve ever seen, and can still read some bad CD’s where every other drive I’ve tried (BenQ 1650, LG 4160+4167) fails. Only the Plextor Premium (from what I’ve read) comes close.

The latest LiteOn drives appear to be awesome however (165H6S particularly) and I would most probably get one if I ever needed a new drive :cool:

I got a new LiteOn 165H6S last month and I’ve been getting excellent burns and scans with good media like Verbatim 16x DVD+R and Ricoh 4x and 8x DVD+RWs, even at maximum speeds consistently. I’m very satisfied. My previous drive a NEC 3520A didn’t give such consitent results or as good scans and especially had issues with DVD+RWs after more than a couple uses. Now I’m getting better results with the same media even with lots of uses of DVD+RW discs.

The standard scanning speed for 5S and 6S series drives is 8x.

I have a 1693s and a SHM-165H6204C. The 1693S had to be RMA’d because it was defective out of the box, but that can happen with any manufacturer. I am VERY HAPPY with both drives.

I just wish the lightscribe was faster, oh well, inkjet printing looks better anyway.

To reiterate what others have said, make sure you have a good firmware version. If you have never updated it, you probably need to. I think the official KS0A is what most people use.

I happen to use firmware KC4B in my 1693s. I don’t seem to get quite as good results with the Taiyo Yuden DVD+R YUDEN000 T02 as others but my results with Verbatim MCC 003 is good and my results with Verbatim DVD+RW MKM A02 is awesome.

Most people get bad results with Rytek these days.

I could have bought the 1635 or the 1693 at about the same price. I bought the 1693 because it was obviously newer :slight_smile: Oh well you have to learn somehow.

I like the burns I get on the RWs so well that I just bought a second drive for everything else. A Liteon 165H6s from newegg for $32.99 with free shipping.

coolaid you need to check your self because the your nero test is not showing a 1693s


That was true with the older LiteOn burners - now with the 5 and 6 series - 8x gives the better/truer tests - (and hella faster)-eh!

i have a couple of questions:

[B]-is the burn quality good? using maxwell 8x dvd+r.[/B]

[B]-my pc is custom builted by a store, how do i know they’re not cheating me by flashing the firmwire of an older drive with a new one and turning it into a 1693s, when it’s actually an older drive on the inside like 1653s? i heard it’s possible to “transform” drives, please have i been cheated?[/B]

please help T_T