Is Liquid er nog?



Is liquid er nog?
Ik heb mijn geld al een week aangetekend verstuurt, maar ik heb nog niks gehoord of gezien. Alle voorgaande bestellingen gingen perfect en snel, maar lijkt raar deze keer.
Enige idee wat de probleem zou kunnen zijn?


english please??? its the rule on this board!


My appologies.
I was just asking if someone could tell me if LIQUID is still active.
Cause i haven’t received or heard anything after a week now since i’ve sent my money by registered mail. And all my previous transactions with them went so smooth and fast. So i was wondering what may be going on and if anyone could share some info.


Perhaps, too much work


oh… well no, we don’t have too much to do so that we let orders lay around for a week. There must be something wrong.

Please mail me personally on : and I’ll sort it our.

Our appologies.

The Replicator


Hi there replicator,

I’ve mailed you personally describing my problem. hope to hear from you soon.