Is LimeWire good or not?




I just got LimeWire :clap: , a p2p software; I was wondering if this is a safe p2p software or not :confused: . Anyone got any idea :confused: ?

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VERY fast downloads (I dont know of a faster p2p).
Wide selection of files.

I use it as my main p2p, so I think it is the best p2p around.

Ben :slight_smile:


I Dont remember where but i saw a fourm that said that limewire had installed a trojin. Do you by anychance know anything about it :confused: ? Another thing that i wanta know is that is pro that much better then the basic and how can i max my download speed :confused: ?


I don’t use Limewire anymore so I can’t help with most of your questions. I used to use it though and always enjoyed the nice clean interface. It had a very attractive GUI and gave good results.

The one thing that pops out at me now is, you buy the darn thing for 18 dollars, (to get “better search results and turbocharged download speeds”) you will only get updates for 6 months. Then I guess you have to shell out again if you want a newer version. It’s only 18 bucks, but I think this is a bit of a problem for me.


The basic version is bunged full of adware, the pro version is clean.


I have only used it once, and found it very good actually… I use it as a backp source if my p2p of choice (DC++ w/ modded client) can’t find what i’m looking for


Lime Wire is GREAT!! I love it. Dont use any thing else but it (Maybe Bitcommet).


Thankz for the info it really helped me out alot.

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What you can do to make limewire better is:

Download the free lomewire and install it,
Connect 2 the network and do a search for limewire,
Download the latest one that says pro,
install Limewire pro.

VOLIA; much better interface and more settings (although i use Shareaza as my main client (also connects to the same network as limewire+Better network (G2), plus ED2K)),



Rob… you have been very, very naughty… downloading a cracked LimeWire Pro version over LimeWire? Shame on you…! :o Talking of which… suddenly i’m suffering from a bas case of amnesia… how did i get this Pro version again…? :iagree:

LimeWire Pro is a highly recommendable alternative for any other P2P software. It’s clean, fast, neat… i have been using it to my great satisfaction for about a year now


Ok, thankz


Currently, limewire is clean ^^ check here =>

no p2p is safe, avoiding p2p is the only certain way to excape doom!


We cant resist the temptation :iagree: :rolleyes:


as of lately limewire has become pretty lame. if your looking for a program your most likely not going to get it, and if your trying to get a music download it comes up witha pop up screen saying somthing like check with your ISP and country to make sure this is a legal download blah blah blah.

I stopped using limewire for the mean time and converted to torrents.


Are you sure, cuz i have never came across this problem. What version were u using?


Limewire pro


DId you bought it or downloaded it cuz i dont seem to see this version on the main site. If it is a beta if could contain a few bugsand that might be the problem.


try this one instead:

FreeWire Features:

  • NO nags, NO banner ads, NO links to online shopping in the program
  • fastest searching, most complete and full-featured Gnutella client
  • ability to run multiple searches at once in a slick and intuitive user interface
  • refine searches by file type (audio, video, etc.), or MP3 metainformation (artist, song name, etc.)
  • play and create MP3 playlists with the built-in MP3 player
  • download from multiple hosts (swarm downloads) and leverage “Ultrapeer” technology for fastest most efficient filesharing.
  • integrated Chat feature allows you to communicate with other users, and Browse Host allows you to check out their shared files
  • “Wishlist” auto-search and download feature, supports SHA1 hashing, Bitzi metadata lookup, and more.
  • New! Queue support with other major Gnutella programs - first-come first-serve basis for downloaders.
  • New! FreeWire supports skins! Also new connection algorithms allow for improved search results and network performance.

And it’s just the same as LimeWire…:wink:

I personaly like e-mule and Shareaza, Limewire is on my mac… :iagree:


This freewire is more or less the same as limewire


freewire is on infection list… always check before you download a program, it is kept pretty up to date