Is lightscribe a wasted technology?

Now LITEON has come up with their lightscribe capable drive that can burn art on special media (which btw is a bit expensive). Does anybody also think that this might not be as big a success as expected and that not many people buy or use lightscribe… I mean now you can get good deals on printable media and printers. I have gotten myself an EPSON R200 for $99, and it came with all 6 FULL ink tanks (a GREAT bargain) and the quality is pretty damn amazing and despite the small 13ml ink tanks, they last ! You can print litteraly hundreds of discs, even when completly filling the surface… I figured about a 7 cents to 30 cents tops per disc for the ink…plus you have refillables… given lightscribe is expensive and is very limited, limited mostly to letters and art and of b&w shades, I think inkjet is the way to go, and I feel sorry for those who are stuck with a lightscribe…I urge you to get an inkjet printer with CD support, you will love it :slight_smile:

The thing about Lightscribe that has me scratching my head is: Why is it so slow? I just don’t see being able to burn a DVD at 16x and only being able to burn a label at 1x or 2x.