Is LG GSA-2164D a good burner?

LG GSA-2164D - is it a good burner. any problems specific to this burner?
is there a review of this burner?

For what it’s worth, here is a review form Hardware Zone:
and a full review her:

From the review it seems the DL discs write terribly. Has there been firmware yupdates to this drive that improves it?

Not at the moment, no. However, do note that the review was for the 2166D. Although the two models are very similar, they are not totally identical.

when you crossflash the 2164d to 4166b, do you get improvements in DL burning?

Of course there has been a firmware update.
1.00 was first firmware and 1.01 is current.
You can use a patched 1.02 firmware from 4166.
Write quality for 2164 and 2166 should be identical since they only differ by lightscribe ability.


I’d better clarify what I said : the review was on a 2166D but the reviewer already used 1.01. It was with 1.01 that the problems with burning DL discs were observed. That was why I said there is no firmware update for the drive at the moment.

Forgot about the the 4166B firmware option. Good thing you remembered!

The local review of the 4166B used the 1.02 firmware (for the 4166B) firmware which SaboCD mentioned. So by looking a the DL part of the review we can see how well the drive handles DL media :

Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL seems pretty good. With the 8x version, the second layer is still burned at only 4x. However, burn quality looks better. Ignore the burn quality with the Ritek DL disc. Most drives have problems with these discs, so it is the discs that are at fault not the drive.