Is lg 4163 reatil version a fast ripper?

is this drive a fast ripper? if not what is the fastest ripping burner now?

No its not. The fastest dvd burner for reading is the BenQ 1620 w/ the speed-up FW.

4163 isn’t a fast dvd ripper because it has a speed lock for css encrypted discs.

Agree with boobytrap absolutely.

The encryption isnt what slows it down. You could get rid of that with ANYdvd,and it would still be a slow reader, its just riplocked in general.

No, no, no. The firmware itself detects whether the disc is encrypted or not and slows down. Anydvd can’t bypass such checks.

I made some test with various burners:

Full rip DVD-9 (7.76 GB)

Pioneer 109 (with XL firmware 1.40): 11:18 min
LG GSA-4163B (firmware A104): 18:13 min
NEC ND-3520A (firmware 1.U8): 19:50 min riplock removed


The 4163B for me reads slow no matter what is in the drive on DVD-R disks. I have just data disks and again they read back so painfully slow. Bout time we had an alternative firmware to combat this reading problem. After all it is a good drive for writing so why not make big improvements for the read speads !


I second that motion.