Is kvcd legal?

hi all,
discovered kvcd on a site dat proclaims it can store up to 2 hrs of dvd-quality movie on a single cd. it sounds too good to be true. a check on this forum turns up nothing.

wondering if kvcd is “illegal” ie not a standard format?
wat’s the scoop on this anybody knows?

if it’s something new i wld like to see a tutorial on backing-up with kvcd! (if possible)

not quite sure what u mean by ‘legal’. Well, it’s not a official format if that’s what u r asking. I’ve bein using these templates for a while and they produce pretty good results, although there was a big debate on this at The videos when encoded use variable bitrate, unlike vcd which use constant bitrate. Also the GOP structure has been modified and other things.

It really depends on your taste and if your dvd player can support play these somewhat xvcd templates. There is a guide on their site, although some parts of the guide is outdated and you might need to adjust it. I usually use avs scrips in conjuction with it, but as a beginner i recommend you to just stick to the basics and then move up eventually, like how i did it.