Is .JPG the same as .JPEG?

Whenever I save a picture file it gets saved as JPEG. I can view it alright but not many programs actually support it, so I have to take the ‘e’ out of it manually. Is there any reason for this?


Somebody correct me if I am wrong!

3 letters is still used in DOS where there is a alphanumeric limit of 8 characters. (xxxx.JPG)

Win 9.x 256 characters are allowed and usually a suffix either 3 or 4 characters (.xxx) or (.xxxx) can be used. (xxxxxxx.JPEG)

JPeG is the correct abbreviation of the group. ( ).

JPG is one of the extensions to clarify the file contains JPeG compressed data (a picture usually).

More info in this faq

In short : Jep , Jpg = Jpeg = picture. Both of you are right.