Is Joe Six-Pack ready for blue laser high definition players?

I just posted the article Is Joe Six-Pack ready for blue laser high definition players?.

  GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about a story over at Businessweek, that is touching on a subject that we debate here  every day. The fact is, a lot of people that are not...
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This is only a problem because we are in 2006. When i got my DVD Player in 1996, it was more expensive than Blu-ray player and nobody even knew what a DVD Player or even my Laserdisc i was trying to replace. WAS!!!. When i got my Pioneer A03 DVD Writer in late 2001. Nobody complained over DVD Writer prices then either. But today. When Blu-Ray take off, EVERYONE NAG AND NAG over it’s price. That ain’t even expensive. … well, it just tells me that everyone want Blu-Ray. NOW !!!

I agree and also think people want this stuff now too. But, what I also think is the requirements this time around are different and more complicated to understand thjan laser disc or DVD. People don’t mind spending big bucks for the latest tech. But, they do mind, or get hurt, when they get it home and it does not work as they expected. Or later they discover that they bought a component that is bottlenecked due to the display or it’s hookups.

…or one that may go the way of Betamax…

Betamax could only hold 60minutes. Where you wanna go with that if not downhill. (If compare to Betamax, then HD DVD is the Betamax. 30GB.

60 minutes if it was NTSC, the same tape for PAL held 130 minutes.

60mins for Betamax? seem to remember 2 hour Sony Betamax tapes (was it L750 or something), I might be wrong, it’s just soooo long ago. I do recall the tapes cost like £7 when they first came out! IMO Joe Six-Pack has just sorted out DVDs so the transistion from DVD > BD or whatever is (also IMO) going to take a long longer than you imagine, people on CDFreaks by definition are the “techy” kind of people but Joe in the street just wants “a good picture” as me Mum used to say.

I Have Piles (sorry to hear that!) just answered my question, Betamax was a better format than VHS anyway

I Have Piles (sorry to hear that!) just answered my question, Betamax was a better format than VHS anyway

Yup that is why Toshiba has said they are only expecting 250,000 units sold by the end of 2007. That dosn’t seem like it’s a product being sold to Joe Six-Pack now does it?

The difference is that when you got your DVD player, you just hooked it up to your TV and you saw the improvement. With the new HD players, if you don’t have a new HDTV, which most don’t, then you won’t see a difference. So its more than just the cost of the player. You’ll need a new TV, a large one at that, to see the difference.

But HD-DVD uses better video encoding than Blu-ray (which still uses MPEG2). Blu-ray needs all that extra space just to fit the same amount of video and extras that the smaller HD-DVD can hold. The only time size will matter is when it comes to the computer market. HD-DVD is suppose to be cheaper to produce, so they may have price going for them, even though Blu-ray holds more.

I think since they have these new players that they should be equiped to play any format from CD to BD that way whoever wins the consumer can still use their player. It is war but who’s to say that the 1080p can’t be fitted onto a HD-DVD in the future?

Eh, this Joe Sixpack is just going to save his money for more beer. Lets see, BR or beer, hdvd or beer…hmmm…beer wins hands down, burp! :slight_smile: Hey thisss iss sum guud stuff, hick!

most interesting, an online in its june 21st editorials has publish “10 Reasons Why High Definition DVD Fomats Have Already Failed” Oh well, since both SONY Blu-junk and Toshiba-other, ain’t going to offer adequate incentives, allied to questionable legislation to lock down and remove all user rights! Sadly I must agree with that writers comments! Then again, which came first the chicken or the egg!:X

I might have one, if it falls out of my cornflakes packet :wink:

Make sure to throw away your dvd player and dvd’s they have DRM lockdown on them aswell so run and find your tin foil hat now now now. Also “10 Reasons Why High Definition DVD Fomats Have Already Failed” was a crappy article with no valid points
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They will soon be moving to the same mpeg 4 codec as HD-DVD soon.

heystoopid asks: “Then again, which came first the chicken or the egg!” The egg. As once there was an animal that was almost a chicken. Then it or it’s mate laid an egg. Inside was the first chicken. :B :+ :stuck_out_tongue:

I will never buy any player that has to be plugged into the internet or telephone line in order to use.