Is jitter from cable/satellite source also?



Anybody had the jitter when the source is via cable or satellite?.I’ve only noticed it when the original signal source is from the antenna/aerial (feeding through the tuner and even scart or front av ports)…I prefer not to record basic channels through cable so it leaves it free for viewing premium sports channels and an extra box is a rip off.If it’s something important i want the best possible chance of getting a good copy though…The reason i ask is that i disconnected the aerial a few times recently and more often than i got the jitter when reconnecting,almost instantly.


@robbie-uk - I’m on a Comcast cable system here in the US and I have the coax split going to my cable box and VCR. I have the r/f output of the digital cable box going to my TV r/f input and the RCA a/v output going to the rear rca a/v in of my 5005. I have the 5005 rca a/v output hooked up to my tv rca a/v input. My VCR rca output is split going to the 5005 rca a/v on the front and to the rca a/v in of my tv. Jitter 99.9999999999 % of the time does not exist during recording or safe to say 100% of the playback from the 5005

Occasionaly when watching the TV via the r/f input from my digital box r/f output without the 5005 turned/powered on and the signal not even going thru the 5005 my picture seems to have a jitter once in a blue moon, that is why I put 99.9999999999% above. This may be due to network congestion from my provider Comcast. My broad connection comes through the same cable.


Mine is hooked up to a Time Warner cable box and I get bad jump/jitter!!


From what I have seen, the jump/jitter is not as much related to the source as it is the individual LVW5005 unit. In my case, I am lucky and rarely have any kind of jump or jitter. I do not use the Liteon tuner. However a friend also has a 5005 and has noticeable jump/jitter. As a test, we decided to swap units for a few days. With “his” 5005 in my setup, I had significantly greater jump/jitter. This happened whether watching live TV with the signal “passing through” the 5005 or on recordings from cable. Conversely, with “my” unit placed in his setup, he had considerably less jump/jitter. In his case he does use the 5005 tuner. So I’m guessing I would have greater jump/jitter on my own if I used the 5005 tuner. Naturally, we returned the units to their respective owners. :bigsmile: He has since returned his to Liteon for repair, hoping it will reduce the jump/jitter in his machine.

So while the signal source could be a factor, I believe unit to unit variability (possibly due to differing manufacturing dates) is more significant. BTW we were both using the latest FW and both had digital cable as the signal source (different providers).


Thanks for the info guys.I’ll try using cable more through the 5002(had the same problem with 5004 and 5005) and see if jitter occurs.Dont know about the U.S. but a lot of the good programs are available through aerial/antenna from BBC and ITV For a (compulsory) fee of around £100 a year regardless of whether you view them or not.Just owning a t.v.capable of receiving the signals means you have to pay!..I find the tuner useful,in that it’s not likely to be interrupted by mistake…i.e.switching a box over or off as (at present) you dont need a box to receive the basic tuner channels…The jitter on mine is random and not a great problem as it’s o.k.90% of the time.I’ve never been given the option of having them repaired,just a replacement with a model of the same manufacturing date…I’ve tried other brands that had me begging for my Liteon back! :o


My unit is US mfr Sep 04 with the 0098 f/w not patched/modded with anything right now and has the 3 heat sinks. I have never used the tuner.

unwired - you must be lucky like me…hmmm your Liteon in your setup rarely had jump/jitter…but had significantly less jump/jitter on his setup tah his unit…Sorta leads to it could be a combination of machine/setup/cables or coax to box maybe. Did you guys use each other cables? I know you can’t use each others cable box but this is interesting !



I didn’t go into this detail originally, but yes we tried exchanging cables as well. Saw no difference regardless of who used who’s cables. He tried replicating my setup and bypassing the Liteon tuner altogether. He seemed to have somewhat less jitter when the tuner was not used. We have both also tried recording a DVD using s-video into the Liteon. I get a stable clean recording and he got a good recording with occassional jitter. When he gets his replacement unit we plan on repeating the tests.


unwired - again nice work,keep us all posted please