Is Jitter above 12% really bad?

I just made a dual layer disc and the max jitter is too high I think. I scanned it three times with a BenQ and it came up 12.5%, 12.1%, and 13.3% max. So should I reburn this disc with another drive? DL burns with my Plextor 716al always have max. jitter like this.

here is the 3rd scan with the highest max. jitter:

The official limits for Jitter are 8% for -R and 9% for +R. Almost all drives have no problem with a somewhat higher Jitter, some even tolerate as high as 20%. But to really answer your question we’d have to know how accurate are those measurements you made are. At what speed did you make them?

Interesting… where did you find that info? :slight_smile:
Ah, sorry, found it… :doh:

ECMA-349, page 86 (for DVD+R),
ECMA-359, page 93 (for DVD-R).

The specifications of those limits require scanning at the reference velocity of 1x, of course.


I scanned the disc with a BenQ 1655 @8x three times. I might try it with Plextools and see if it differs. I always thought 12% was the limit. Been in these forums for a couple months now and never heard of those official limits.

Plextools doesn’t give you hard numbers on Jitter. It only shows the relative change in the value (whether it goes up or down). You can compare the resulting curves with the ones of CD-DVD-Speed of course. They should look similar. Try scanning at the slowest possible speed in your BenQ with CD-DVD-Speed.

PxScan/PxView however shows absolute value for jitter, but not expressed as a percentage value. The absolute jitter value can be used to compare scans on the same drive, but are not necessarily comparable to scans on another Plextor drive (not even the same model).

PxScan is compatible with PX-712/716 drives, but not with PX-755/760.