Is its bad to burn multiple disks in a row?

I was getting ready to reformat my hard drive today so I had to burn about 13 dvds and I burned that many and I didn’t give the drive a rest, I didn’t bother to look at he bottom of the dvds, but I recently did and after the forth or fifth disk, the dye started to look weird compared to the first few I burned, I am pretty sure that the dye isn’t supposed to look like they did, so did I mess up or damage my drive or something because I burned to many? I was using memorex media, and my drive is a Liteon SHW 1635S, thanks to those who replied.

I would suggest giving the drive at least a short ‘rest’ (maybe 15 minutes) after 4 or 5 consecutive burns, I suspect it is even more important as people burn their discs at higher speeds such as 8x and 16x. If you burn a bunch in a row without giving the drive any time to cool down, your burns will usually begin to get worse and eventually you may start experiencing write errors and creating coasters. If you are interested in the burn quality, you can use Nero CD-DVD Speed or Kprobe and run a PI/PIF (called a ‘quality test’) on your first and then your last burn, and compare the error levels.

I did the quality test with Nero CD-DVD Speed on the first disk, and it got a quality score of 93, on the last disc it got a score of 0. So did I damage my drive because I didn’t give it a rest?

No you didn’t damage the drive, it just burned poorly from too many consecutive burns (heat). Better check your burns, in particular those that appear different, as a quality score of 0 means a very poor burn and that data may be very difficult or impossible to fully read off the disc.

hey gamer:
i would keep a close eye on that drive. i fried a nec 2500(the only nec i really liked) by burning mutiples in row. i don;t remember how many, maybe in excess of 20 - 25. but after the burn fest, the drive never burned over 4x, and the quality of burns was crap. thats what started me on multiple drives. good luck.

I think it depends on how well cooled your PC is and also your burning speed. I’ve done upto 10 discs in a session with around 30 seconds - 1min gap between burns with no issues.