Is it worth upgrading my firmware?

Hello all, just wiondering wether it is worth upgrading the firmware on my ND 6750A Burner?

Reason being that it is not performing as well as I had hoped and I am getting a LOT of errors…BTW , using Nero

And , if so where is the best and easiest way to do this?



upgrading firmware usually give you better results, but if it doesn’t you can always switch back

Thanks for that, so how do I go about upgrading it then?


Look at the head thread of this forum, it may direct you to the right site.


Thanks for that, tried that and still getting errors with NERO…GGGRRRRRRRR!!! :a

It keeps saying CRC Error, unable to burn disc at once…

The thing is I just used DVD Shrink and it worked perfectly, think it may be NERO itself?


There is a problem with Nero and DVDShrink with later version of Nero. You can try to burn manually with Nero from files saved with DVDShrink. Uncheck option in DVDShrink to automatic burn with Nero.
Some words about it here;

Hello again, well an update on the problem:

At the moment I am able to burn data discs no problem, but not audio, no matter what program I use…

Any suggestions?



What brand of media are you using? Using Liggy’s 2.42 firmware on mine, I still had to use Media Code Speed Edit to get my Verbatim 8x DVD+/-R discs to burn faster than 4x. The DVD+R got up to 8x but the DVD-R still maxed out at 6x.

I am using Verbatim cd-r discs and some cheap discs, neither will work when it comes to audio, but will work with data!

To be honest, just about had enough, so I reckon the laptop is going back soon…second one with CD drive problems!!!