Is it worth to buy a 812S for $90? has a Khypermedia 8x Internal DVD+/-R Burner for sale only C$68.99 and after tax and shipping, it’ll be $90.
I found this is actually aN OEM 812S.

my question is: is it worth to buy a 812S now?
I can’t find many 812S experiences here on this forum.

Hehe. The 812S is probably the most heavily-discussed drive in this forum. If it’s not too much more, I’d get a 1213S and flash it to a 1633S instead. The 812S is getting a bit old.

Yeah, you can get the Lite-On 1633s at for eighty dollars.

…which is quite a bit more than $90… note that he’s referring to Canadian dollars. :wink: What’s the exchange rate nowadays, anyway?

Plus newegg do not deliver to Canada. It’s an exclusive “right” to US citizens

Yes, you guys are right. I’m in canada. Which store in US ships north? Thanks.

Shop canadian,much cheaper cause shipping from the states is a killer.

It maybe an exclusive “right” to US citizens, but it’s a darn expensive shipping “right” to US Citizens in remote states like me. :frowning:

I usually order my computer stuff from: (all places in Canada)

I use the pricematch feature to get the best price from them.
Usually I pricematch them against places like

You can also use to do a price comparison search.

They have always matched prices for me - and they are reasonable to deal with.

Hi there

“Re: is it worth to buy a 812S for $90?”

The answer is a big ‘NO’.

The price is unimportant; if you buy the wrong model, you will lose [bad burned] DVD discs so quickly that the whole money you spent [burner + lost discs] will be very high in a few weeks.

In any case, I recommend you read a lot (this wonderfil forums, for example) before you decide the model; do a favor yourself: don’t rush to buy an apparent good deal; in this case, it’s not good for you.

Hope this help :slight_smile:

That’s about $71 USD. Finally got curious enough to look up the exchange rate. :stuck_out_tongue: Not bad.

If you’re in Toronto/Kingston/Waterloo/etc, try Canada Computers ( I think they have 1213S for like $85-90 (CAD) before tax now.