Is it Worth the Upgrade


I currently have a PC with a P4 Northwood 2400 MHz, overclocked to 2700 Mhz.
I use my PC to do a lot of number crunching, like audio coding and decoding.
I am trying to figure out if a newer faster PC is really worth the upgrade.
I have my eyes set on the Core 2 Duo, yet I do not know what performance
advantage I can get over my current system. Can you refer me to benchmarks,
that compare the older Intel P4 CPUs, with these new Core 2 Duo? Thanks.

This is a great real world comparison test compilation. Your processor is not there but you can look @ some of the past years chart to get those figures. If your number crunching and audio coding/decoding programs are multi-threaded, you will see a huge difference with the new C2Ds (maybe 3x or 4x as fast?) if not, they will still be considerably faster. If you get a overclocking mobo, the C2Ds clock really well on stock voltage.