Is it worth the hassle?



Hello CDFREAKS i have a question for all you gamers with a
Nvidia graphics card. I’ve recently read that you can use Riva Tuner to convert your Geforce 4 to a quatro 4 with softquatro.
As i’m quite a keen gamer, my question is should i proceed
with this conversion and what benefits can be had from such a conversion? Thanks in advance for any replies.

System specs…
Windows XP
Gigabyte ga-8ihxp Motherboard
Intel p4 2.4
Nvidia ti4400
sblive 5.1 digital
Yamaha speakers


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.


Im not sure on the games speed difference, but the Quatro series is basically a mid-to-high end professional graphics card like the Oxygen cards.

They are mainly used in PCs where applications like 3d Max etc are running. So I dont think that you will notice much performance (if any) if you go ahead with the conversion.


It’s hardly worth it in today’s games.


i’ve seen benchmarks on geforce to quadro conversions before, and besides not having any positive impact on scores that are important for gaming performance, a few of them are sometimes actually lower on the quadro card.


Quatro cards (in this case, the Quatro 4) are designed to be used with 3d studio max, maya, etc. for professional (Think Pixar/ILM/Dreamworks) 3d modelling/animating/rendering. When trying to softmod a card to a Quatro, you are not altering the speed of the card, just the capacities the card can do, some of which – are in fact – performance enhancing no doubt… however you require software to take advantage of the said enhancements… and if the card is designed to NOT be used in games, do you honestly think that game engineers would input the advantages? No, because no-one SHOULD be able to use them (nore would they be compatible with other gaming-only sections of code which basically cut off both your legs to grow a third one, IE: not practical)

So, for the love of god, do NOT install the SoftQuatro software if you’re just going to complain about your games not increasing in speed… the only advantages given by SoftQuatro, are for people who do professional-grade photorealistic (or non-photorealistic – but that’s a different subject all together) 3d rendering.

Non-photorealistic: Using your 3d models and rendering them to look cartoons. Still uses photorealistic lighting/reflections(if set/supported)/etc, just looks like its a 2d drawing – rather than like Shrek 2


Just to clarify, that means that if you’re running games (and only games), do not install SoftQuatro – Quatro Cards are not videogame cards, thus won’t increase videogame speed.

Also do not complain to the manufacture of this conversion about the lowered score in video games, if you wish to go by any benchmark, try comparing SoftQuatro’d GeForce 4 to a regular Geforce 4 in 3d Studio Max, or Maya… that’s where the changes will come in, not games.