Is it worth it



i have a Dell 9400. today i got my new optiarc AD-5540A with the 102C firmware. (the thing is that i can choose if i want to keep my old Philips SDVD8820 or my new Optiarc)

is it really worth it to uppdate to 2.01 ? (i dont use DVD-Ram or such stuff). i have burned one dvix on a CD-R and one DVD on a DVD-RW. everything worked well. (maybe the Optiarc starts little slower then the Philips. some seconds just)

¤ so, whish one should a keep (the optiarc or the Philip, whish one is the best) ?

¤ and am i gone get a much “better/faster” Drive if i uppdate to 2.01 ?

thanks sweden


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