Is it worth it?

Is Anydvd Worth $26.99 or is their other descramblers out there for free?

there’s dvdfab decrypter for free, it’s as good as anydvd (sometimes better) at ripping, but it’s not developed much and it doesn’t work at the driver level, i.e. it’s not drag’n’drop, you have to use the program itself to rip, like dvd decrypter before it. it doesn’t do audio-cd copy protection like anydvd can.

obviously everyone on this forum is going to tell you anydvd is worth it as we’ve already bought it!

if you really want free, then dvdfab is your only choice, personally i keep it around just in case anydvd can’t handle a particular disc.

Absolutely worth incl. fast and constantly updates!

Its frequently updated when need be
CloneDVD and AnyDVD = Winning Combo.

If you value your time, AnyDVD is definitely worth it. And if you combine it with CloneDVD you’ll have one of the best DVD backup solutions available. I’ve been using them both for a VERY long time and have never had a complaint.

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Nothing to add really, as it has already been said. :cool:

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where is anydvd $26.99?

do NOT buy from anywhere other than the slysoft site. I can guarantee your key won’t work or will expire because it’s an illegal version.

purchasing from is the only way to get a full and legit version of anydvd.

and yes, it’s very worth the money

If you don’t want to spend such a large amount of money on AnyDVD, then perhaps you should use that vast amount of money AnyDVD (retail from Slysoft) costs to just buy multiple copies of the originals!!!LOLLOLLOL…

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$26 is bundle price. $78 for AnyDVD/CloneDVD/CloneCD. But I expect if you quibble about $26, then you’re unlikely to go for the whole bundle.

wll said

otherwise I am not going to say a word on this topic by #1 poster
I wouldn’t want to be rude to this lamer :a

he said $26.99 though…which sounds an awful lot like an ebay price to me.

hopefully I’m wrong and he did mean the bundle…

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I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt :iagree: . You never know they might have thought bundle price was the equivilant of oem :bigsmile: .Ever the optomist. :doh:

Its worth it but its 39 dollars at slysoft- the bundle price is less.

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The point I was trying to make is that as the bundle prices are listed seperately. They could’ve been confused. (I’m being sarcastic) :bigsmile:

ive tried a few other programs and nothing even compares to anydvd and clonedvd2 together, the time is cut in less than half, sometimes more, and ive not had anything yet that i cant backup. im doing 30 different titles a week minimum since i got it. I truly am glad this program is available and at 26 each for the bundle or even 39 just for anydvd, its still well worth it!

I guess the question is, how much do you burn, what are your needs and what do you like.

To me it’s well worth it cause I do it a lot. It comes down to what works and personal preferences.

I have my own program solutions for what I do.

DVD Decrypter with PgcEdit Plugin

DVD Shrink/Imgburn
Recode 2/Nero

With all the above I’m set to handle all my copying needs. Different people have different preferences. Whatever floats your boat.

I expect the Slysoft programs are worth the price, but here is another place to learn about alternatives.